2021 NCAA Championships: National Final Results

The 2021 NCAA Wrestling Championships concluded Saturday night in St. Louis. The Iowa Hawkeyes secured their first NCAA title since 2010. This title brings Iowa's total national championships to 24. Iowa's win also broke Penn State's streak of 4 straight NCAA Wrestling Championships.

If you are new to wrestling, here are some quick terms and rules you may need to know!

Takedown= 2 points

Escape=1 point

Reversal= 1 point

Riding time=1 point (Whenever a wrestler is controlling an opponent for over 1 minute at the end of the meet.)

Stalling=1 point (If the referee reaches the fifth count before the offensive wrestler moves his arm/hand back up above the buttocks of the defensive wrestler, or releases the hold)


1st Round (3 minutes)-Both wrestlers start in neutral

2nd round (2 minutes)- One wrestler is allowed to pick. They can elect to start in the up or down position, or they may elect for a neutral start

3rd round (2 minutes)- Whoever did not pick in round 2 picks here

Sudden victory- If the score is tied after the 3rd, a one minute sudden victory will occur.

On Saturday night, 10 individuals were crowned NCAA Individual Wrestling Champions. For the results and breakdown of each match, look below.

125 Spencer Lee (Iowa) def Brandon Courtney (ASU) 6-0

Courtney had one mission on his mind; knock off the 2x defending national champion. The match started off very fast. Both wrestlers were fi