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Why the NFC shouldn't sleep on Eagles

In the proverbial “If the season ended today” scenario the Eagles would hold a top 10 pick for the first time since 2013. So, how can the Eagles be a threat in the NFC? Well, first we are playing in the weakest division probably in the history of the modern NFL. Staying alive in the division shouldn’t be a huge challenge. Next, most teams will make a move at the trade deadline to better the team. The Eagles can turn to the IR in a way they never could before. Due to concerns with Covid-19 outbreaks the NFL drastically changed the IR designation for 2020. Prior to this year a trip to the IR would have a player miss 8 games while only allowing 2 players have the ability to return to the active roster all season. This year going on the IR is not as drastic, they can miss as little as 3 games and the transactions are unlimited. This is huge for a team as injured as the Eagles have been in 2020. The second half of the season the Eagles could bring back the likes of Reagor, Peters, Goedert and others from the IR and have them contribute to a team that is scratching a clawing to put an NFL line up on the field Again prior to 2020 all but 2 of our players placed on IR could have been lost for 5 more weeks or the full season. The chance to get a lot of these players back is huge. Also looming in the woods is Brandon Brooks, how good would he look in the lineup! We have to catch a break with injuries soon or later right? Plus, the added adavantage of our young raw players are getting better. Look at Mailata and Fulgham. Growing week by week.

Finally the X factor Carson. No doubt he had probably the worst stretch of football he ever played in his life. Since the 4th quarter of the Cincinnati game, his play is improving each week. Carson looks like Carson again. The fire he showed in the 4th quarter against Baltimore was impressive. Do you ever remember Carson getting into anyone’s face on the Eagles let alone an opponents. He got drilled by Matthew Judon on the Td pass to Fulgham. I am not sure the TV broadcast showed it, but Carson jawed with Judon for 5 yards. He got right in his face. Right there I knew Carson was back.

Best QB in the division who I believe now has a HUGE chip on his shoulder. A team that we hope can only get more healthy. 5 more NFC East games and the gauntlet of top 5 defenses over. Yes, they can be dangerous. Just not sure the rest of NFC knows it yet.

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