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Who else is on the "Hot Seat" in College Football?

The coaching carousel in college football is off to an exciting start. UConn fired Randy Edsall after 1 game. Then USC fired Clay Helton after two games in his 7th season at the helm for the Trojans. With a major program like USC now looking for a new head coach, we have to expect that other major programs will start to look at other coaching options.

With the Clay Helton firing still fresh in our minds, we can start to look to see what other programs might be joining USC in the search for a new leader. Before you continue, check out my other article on the top candidates for the USC job!

Going into every season, there are certain coaches that know if they are on the hot seat or not. However, we have seen in recent years that a coach gets fired and no one saw it coming. Look at 2020 as a great example. Ever since he arrived on campus it felt like Tom Herman was on the hot seat at Texas. After another disappointing season he was finally fired in favor for Steve Sarkisian. One coach that was fired that shocked everyone was Gus Malzahn being fired from Auburn.

Check out my top 5 coaches who better get their acts together or they'll be looking for employment else where very soon.


Who's Seat is Hotter than the Rest?

Scott Frost- Nebraska

(Photo courtesy of

This one seems to be very obvious. The former QB for the Cornhuskers was brought in to help bring the program to the top of the Big Ten. As of now he has done the opposite. He has yet to finish a season with a winning record and 0 bowl games. The time is running out quickly on Frost. I get he is an alumni of Nebraska, but at the end of the day he is losing the university money by not winning games. He was unbelievable at UCF and he seems to be a lost cause at Nebraska. I will be shocked if he finishes the season as head coach.

Mike Norvell- Florida State

(Photo courtesy of Tomahawk Nation)

Florida State has struggled in recent years. Every coach they seem to hire just does not work out. The end of the Jimbo Fisher era was rough, Willie Taggert was a disaster, and Mike Norvell does not seem to be much better. His first season was extremely disappointing and then he followed up his subpar 2020 performance by being upset by FCS Jacksonville State. Florida State is a storied program, and a storied program needs a high level coach to lead them. Norvell is not that person. When you watch Florida State, they do not seem like a good football team, and that has to start with the head coach. If they continue to struggle, why should Florida State wait to fire him? If Florida State wants to return to their glory days, then they need a home run hire. Norvell has underperformed and when you underperform at a big university you do not remain at that program for long.

Rod Carey- Temple

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This one may shock people. Temple has had incredible coaching success in the last decade and a half. Al Golden to Miami, Steve Addazio to Boston College, Matt Rhule to Baylor and the Carolina Panthers, Geoff Collins to Georgia Tech. All of these coaches had tremendous success at Temple. Carey does not seem to have that success. Temple has been considered a top tier G5 program for years and is trying to make the jump to a power 5 conference soon. Carey has them on the steep decline, and if Temple does not want to lose their opportunity at a power 5 conference opportunity Carey might be on his way out. Temple football has the motto "Temple Tough," and I do not see that out of Carey's Owls. Temple might look to see if they can find another gem after they dump Carey unless he can turn this program around real quick.

Brian Kelly- Notre Dame

(Photo courtesy of Notre Dame Insider)

I told you earlier there is always one coach that gets fired that no one sees coming. Just like USC and Florida State, Notre Dame is a storied football program. So much history and success. Kelly has not had that success. Either his teams are very overrated and get blown out in the College Football Playoff or his team just floats through the season. His name has been on the hot seat for a few years. Every year that seems to be his last he finds himself having a good season. Eventually Notre Dame is going to cut ties with Kelly. If he has another mediocre season in the eyes of Notre Dame athletic department success, will it be time for Notre Dame to find a new coach?

Jim Harbaugh- Michigan

(Photo courtesy of the New York Inquire)

If the word disappointment was a person it would be Jim Harbaugh as the head coach at Michigan. 1 bowl win in 6 years is pathetic for a program like Michigan. Even though he just signed a 5-year extension, his name is going to remain on the hot seat. When he was first hired it was expected he would help them return to national dominance. He has underperformed in every category you could imagine. When he loses to Ohio State again this season, how can Michigan officials continue to back this guy? My guess is he will never get fired, but until he actually turns this program around, his butt will remain hot.


Honorable Mentions: Still hot, but not scorching hot

These coaches did not crack the top 5, but they are surely on the hot seat. Even though the seat is not on fire like Scott Frost, their buns are still getting toasty!

Ken Niumatalolo- Navy
Dino Barbers- Syracuse
Jeff Brohm- Purdue
Geoff Collins- Georgia Tech
Mike Leach- Mississippi State

What G5 coaches will replace the names above?

Since I hate to write a completely negative article on people who should get fired by the end of the season, so here are the top 5 G5 coaches that could make the jump to a power 5 school!

Luke Fickell- Cincinnati
Jeff Monken- Army
Jamey Chadwell- Costal Carolina
Billy Napier- Louisiana
Kalani Sitake- BYU


Well now we sit back and watch to see who will actually get fired and who will somehow remain employed. Either way the 2021 College Football season is off to an electric start, and if the first two weeks are any indication of how the rest of the season will be, I think we are in for a real fun one.

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