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Wentz Gets Knocked Down. Does He Get Up Again?

Everyone’s baffled by Caron Wentz’s regression. For a while the MVP frontrunner in 2017 and the man who led the practice squad to playoffs in both 2018 and 2019, Carson Wentz had given fans hope that Philadelphia had found our first true franchise QB since McNabb.

One of the most popular stats to Tweet or headline this week was Carson Wentz’s emergence after 11 weeks as the uncontested leader in both interceptions and fumbles.

With 40 sacks this season so far, Carson Wentz has also taken the most frequent beating (the runner-ups are Russell Wilson, with 33 sacks, and Joe Burrow, 32 sacks, who tragically left Cincinnati’s game at Washington with a torn ACL/MCL). The significant majority of NFL quarterbacks don’t have half as many sacks this season as Wentz.

Wentz is also second in hits at 42 and tied for first in pressures with 117. I’ve never played professional football, but I can imagine 250 pound men slamming into you at full force 8.2 times per game can shake you up a little, physically and mentally.

He took fewer sacks in the entirety of the any of the last three season than he has in just 10 games in 2020 and certainly far fewer hits on a per-game basis. The 2017 season where he secured first seed, he took only 28 sacks.

You guys remember what happened to rising star Andrew Luck when he led the NFL in sacks and hits combined for several consecutive years? It takes a toll.

As Chris Romanelli suggests, if we want to get a return on investment in our second overall pick QB, it’s time we restore the O-line that guards this man.

Image Credit: Philadelphia Inquirer

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