Top Hated Cowboys of the Last 25 Years

By: Chip Keagy, AATBirds Content Writer

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Growing up as Eagles fans, we are programed with one fundamental truth: The Dallas Cowboys SUCK. Out of all teams in the NFC East that the Eagles have to go up against, "America's Team" tops the list at most despised. This is a rivalry that has been going on for decades and will continue to be a heated relationship. Certain players are more hated than others. It is 2020 and the last 25 years puts us in 1996 (the center of the "America's Team" 90s domination). The staff of All About the Birds weighed in on the Top 10 Hated Cowboys of the Last 25 years.

10) Terrell Owens (2006-2009)

After his ugly breakup with McNabb and the Eagles, TO in his prime went to the division rival Dallas Cowboys. I have nothing against TO and love what he brought to the Birds. But for him to join THAT team and have incredible success (huge statistical numbers and a few Pro Bowls) plus helping lead the Cowboys to a 13-3 record in 2007. NOT COOL T.O. Welcome to the list!

9) Tony Romo (2003-2016)

No hard feelings here either. Romo just HAPPENED to be the starting quarterback of the Cowboys for 14 years. Since this list is over the last 25 years, he sort of has to make the list. He was only 11-8 against the Eagles during those years. Was sacked 37 times in those games so he is not exactly the biggest of threats. But he was QB1 of the Dallas Cowboys. So by nature. Hatred.

8) Jason Garrett (2007 (O.C)-2019)