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Top Hated Cowboys of the Last 25 Years

By: Chip Keagy, AATBirds Content Writer


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Growing up as Eagles fans, we are programed with one fundamental truth: The Dallas Cowboys SUCK. Out of all teams in the NFC East that the Eagles have to go up against, "America's Team" tops the list at most despised. This is a rivalry that has been going on for decades and will continue to be a heated relationship. Certain players are more hated than others. It is 2020 and the last 25 years puts us in 1996 (the center of the "America's Team" 90s domination). The staff of All About the Birds weighed in on the Top 10 Hated Cowboys of the Last 25 years.

10) Terrell Owens (2006-2009)

After his ugly breakup with McNabb and the Eagles, TO in his prime went to the division rival Dallas Cowboys. I have nothing against TO and love what he brought to the Birds. But for him to join THAT team and have incredible success (huge statistical numbers and a few Pro Bowls) plus helping lead the Cowboys to a 13-3 record in 2007. NOT COOL T.O. Welcome to the list!

9) Tony Romo (2003-2016)

No hard feelings here either. Romo just HAPPENED to be the starting quarterback of the Cowboys for 14 years. Since this list is over the last 25 years, he sort of has to make the list. He was only 11-8 against the Eagles during those years. Was sacked 37 times in those games so he is not exactly the biggest of threats. But he was QB1 of the Dallas Cowboys. So by nature. Hatred.

8) Jason Garrett (2007 (O.C)-2019)

Was 11-9 against the Eagles as a Head Coach. Was 7-3 in Philadelphia so home games for the Eagles were always fun. AND THE CLAPPING. He never did anything really fancy but always had our number at the Linc. And nothing is more frustrating than losing at home to Captain Clappy. He's still in the NFC East as the Giants OC but there isn't much to clap about there.

7) Orlando Scandrick (2008-2017)

He was a blip on the radar during his career in Dallas. I'm sure he had some plays against the Eagles. However, Scamdrick makes the list because of his attempt to sabotage the Eagles from the inside and then from his cushy chair on ESPN. Why anybody listens to this bum I will never know. He joined the team and 5 minutes later was talking about things and a culture he didn't understand. What a joke. We hate this guy.

6) DeMarco Murray (2011-2014)

What a MONSTER RB for 4 years. Plus in 2014 won the rushing title. The Eagles all of a sudden hit the jackpot in signing the best back in the NFL. This team was going to be insanely stacked for years to come. DUDE LASTED ONE YEAR. Had his lowest output in his entire career in that season in midnight green. Maybe it was because Chip Kelly was the coach. But Murray played like pure garbage that year. Since he kicked our tails as a Cowboy and DUPED us into a 5 year contract that we got out of after one season. This guy sucks.

5) Ezekiel Elliott (2016-present)

5-1 against the Eagles. Averages more than 150 yards per game AGAINST the Eagles. This guy is a joke. Pull your shirt down all the way, stop pretending to feed yourself, stop looking like a baby Ewok. I'm excited that he is having such a rough year. He is his own biggest hypeman and is a butthead. That's right. He's a butthead. Can't wait for him to spend the next 5-8 years in the NFC East torturing us.

4) Deion Sanders (1995-2000)

Probably the greatest corner in the history of the game and brought a whole new swag to the NFL. And he KILLED the Eagles during his career in Dallas. I can't remember a game played against the Cowboys where Deion didn't devastate Philly. Interceptions, shut down coverage, absurd tackles, and the return game. This guy tormented the Eagles in the late 90s.

HONORABLE MENTION before the final 3:

Coaches: Bill Parcells

Offense: Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Roy Williams (WR), Keyshawn Johnson

Defense: Leon Lett, Greg Ellis, Roy Williams (S) {#11 on this list...the TO horsecollar cost the Eagles a Superbowl}, DeMarcus Ware, Greg Hardy


3) Dez Bryant (2010-2017)

The biggest comparison that Dez Bryant received was that he was the next Michael Irvin. That never happened to that level and yet, Dez was dominant. The WR almost always had huge games against the Eagles. He was the biggest reason why Romo and Dak had any success against the Birds. And he was the big name, exciting flashy receiver that the Eagles were lacking. Dez would've been a huge hit if he played for Philly. He is one of the most loathed WRs Dallas has ever had. Which leads us to:

2) Michael Irvin (1988-1999)

Irvin was the most hated Dallas Cowboy player ever. He was a beast of a WR and arrogant because of it. He ALWAYS had career days against the Eagles even back when he was going against Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor and Brian Dawkins. Irvin was just unstoppable. Except for the turf. When Irvin suffered the career ending injury, we all felt bad after when we learned the severity but we all cheered in the moment. It only helped fuel the rivalry.

1) JERRY JONES (1989-Present)

I asked so many people who the most hated Cowboy was and the result was almost unanimous that its this bum. And why shouldn't it be? The original point of the article was to focus on the players. The problem with Jones and the Dallas organization is that Jerry thinks he is more important than the players. Jerry thinks that Jerry is the biggest selling point of the Dallas football team. "Jerry World." The stadium which totally buys into the "everything is bigger in Texas" bologna. Jerry Jones has run coaches out of town, let quality players go, caused more headlines than he knows what to do with, kept more criminals on his team than he should. Jerry is EVERYTHING wrong with the NFL. A rich boy who wants his toys. He isn't just hated by by Eagles fans either. He is hated by EVERYBODY including Cowboys fans. The NFL can't wait for this clown to go.


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