Top 5 Landing Spots for JJ Watt

This is not a scenario anyone thought we would ever be in, but after requesting a release JJ Watt is now looking for a new home. Every week the Texans and Eagles take turns saying "hold my beer," and then proceed to have a story that no one expects to happen! Looking forward to what Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman have in store next week.

Until then, we need to take a look at the top landing spots for JJ Watt. I hate when players ring chase, and it is very clear that JJ is going to chase a Super Bowl. I am going to change my stance and say, JJ should 100% chase a ring and should only sign with a contender. He is one of the greatest players of our generation ,and the only thing he is missing is a Super Bowl. In his last 5 seasons, he has only been able to play in all 16 games twice. He does not have many years left ,and the time is now to get the 2017 Walter Payton Man of the Year a much deserved Super Bowl ring!

Since he is ring chasing, you can take 20 of the 32 teams out of consideration. Of the 12 teams remaining with realistic shots at playing in Super Bowl LVI, there are 5 teams that I feel stand out more than the rest to sign JJ. If you know your team is not in Super Bowl consideration in 2021 (sorry Eagles fans) you can consider yourself out of contention of the JJ Watt sweepstakes .

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

Lets start with the consensus #1 choice . Everyone is predicting that he will sign with Pittsburgh. The Steelers are on the decline ,but this is their last season of being potential Super Bowl contenders. Now why would JJ want to sign with a team who may or may not be contending this season? If JJ signs with Pittsburgh, he will have the opportunity to play alongside both of his brothers Derek and TJ. That has to be super appealing for JJ. The opportunity to play along side not one but both of his brothers would be such a special moment for the Watt family. Not only would JJ big a big boost for their defense it would be very cool to see three bothers on one same team.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If JJ Watt really wants a ring, Tampa Bay seems like a perfect fit. What better place to win a Super Bowl than the defending Super Bowl champion and the team that Tom Brady plays for. The Bucs need some help at the DE position. Ndamukong Suh is a free agent this offseason, and now that he has a Super Bowl, he could be looking for a more lucrative deal that Tampa will not be able to afford. I fully expect JJ to take the veterans minimum in order to win a championship. If Suh does leave, the Bucs will need some major help at DE. The Bucs won Super Bowl LV because of their defensive line, and if they want to repeat they need to fill in for the loss of Suh and no better option than JJ Watt.