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The Legend of "Shotime"

Shohei Ohtani has put Major League Baseball on notice for this 2021 season campaign. The phenom has the speed of a gazelle, the arm of Megaman, and the power of a Carolina Reaper. If there was a real-life build-your-own player, Ohtani would fit the mold perfectly. The Japanese-born, 6'4", right hander has thrown for a 4-1 record with a staggering ERA of 3.49 all whilst batting for a .279 average and league leading 33 long balls. We have not seen a talent like this since the Great Depression with the extraordinary Babe Ruth. Ohtani was recently named to the MLB All-Star Game for the first time as not only a pitcher, but a batter- which is a first in MLB history.

Ohtani's stardom began in the NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) at the age of 18. He played both sides of the plate in the NFB, which eventually led to an all-star appearance. It was the first time in the league's history that a player that both batted and pitched made the team as well. There has certainly been a theme here...

The Los Angeles Angels agreed to terms with Ohtani on the 8th of December in 2017 and have not looked back. After battling a Tommy John's surgery, Ohtani has improved each year he has been in the majors and now is on the top looking down on the rest of his peers. One of his best traits happens to be non-baseball related and it happens to make it very easy to root for the 27-year-old. Ohtani's relaxed, likable, positive aura on and off the mound makes him a great player to cheer for regardless the team you root for.

We are all witnessing greatness and the beginning of the legend of "Shotime." The baseball world has been tuning in to all L.A. Angels games and people come into the room when Ohtani is up to bat. With 33 homers and counting, you have to wonder if this generational performance will propel Los Angeles to the post-season not to mention shatter the record books. Take a step back Mike Trout because it's "Shotime!"

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