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The Dark Side of College Sports Rears Its Ugly Head

In 2021, the Baylor Bears won a men’s national title with head coach Scott Drew, who was the first coach of the program following the infamous Patrick Dennehy scandal. This scandal rocked the college sports landscape, so much so, that Showtime created a documentary about it with the former head coach of the program continuing to slander Dennehy as he thought the cameras had been turned off.

Well, now another Big 12 program is under fire, the Kansas Jayhawks. A story came to light early Sunday that Les Miles had covered up threats made to Caperton Humphrey, a former Jayhawk fullback. These threats were issued by four defensive players on the roster and came following Humphrey reporting them for selling drugs. The threats were so bad that Humprey's family had to move to Lawrence to try to protect him. Oh and the cherry on top of this scandalous Sundae, the University tried to pay Humphrey $50,000 to leave and never speak about it. You can read the jaw-dropping details at the bottom of this article.

This has really been the mantra of college sports if you think about it. It is always one step forward and two steps back. One week you get every athlete rights to profit off of their NIL, a step many people never thought would happen, and the next week you hear reports of covered-up threats to a player that was on the leadership council. This story is just another chapter in the sad downfall of coach Les Miles. Miles was a once-respected national champion at LSU. If you forget, there was an actual time that people would debate who is better between him and Nick Saban.

Now with these allegations on top of the way he would treat female students at LSU, he has really run his legacy into the ground. This is just another sad chapter of college athletics where coaches will do literally anything to win games. It is scary to think that Miles was doing this for a team that wins 1-2 games per year. What was he covering up for an LSU National Championship team?

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