Tear it all Down!

Where to begin? Seriously...where to begin? This is just one man's opinion but I've seen enough to know this Eagles team needs a Bane-like blow up to be fixed.

Let’s start with the defense.

Since the Super Bowl and giving up 600 plus yards in that game, they have been awful! The talent on that side of the ball is both atrocious and overrated! Do we really need to hear an analyst comparing Cox to Donald and Watt anymore? Cox has made Pro Bowls on name recognition alone. Yes, he is still formidable, but yes, he takes plays and games off. The D line, the highest salaried part of our team includes the aforementioned Cox ($17 mill), a mistake signing in Javon Hargrave ($13 mill), an undisciplined, and also oft-absent, Malik Jackson ($10 mill), and an aging Brandon Graham ($13 mill), and essentially a bust in Derek Barnett ($3 mill and probably gone).

Our linebackers are borderline starters for an SEC team, not even viable in the NFL! It is beyond time to re-evaluate the philosophy at this position!

Other than Darius Slay, do I even need to mention the secondary? Slay at $16.6 million is skilled, but clearly not worth that salary! He has been both respectable, and god awful! At that salary, awful cannot be mentioned in a sentence, even if your assignments are Metcalf, Hopkins, and Thomas. The safeties are a mess! You have a slow, poor tackling, non cerebral, former corner in Mills, taking the role of Malcolm Jenkins! Now you have an injured Rodney McLeod, who already was slow, and who is now in rehab. mode. Our other main corner is the often injured Avonte Maddox, small and mediocre, and do I even have to list the rest?

Time to Get Offensive:

On the other side of the ball, nothing but question marks!

Our soap opera at QB, will be the entire offseason talk. Neither Carson or Jalen inspire long term stability in my opinion. I could make arguments for both as the starter or the backup, as the one to be traded for assets, or the one to keep?