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Syracuse Orange Pro Day Media Recap

9 members of the Syracuse Orange participated in their pro day on Friday. Following the workouts 3 players took to the podium. The player I wanted to focus on is corner back Ifeatu Melifonwu. According to CBS Sports, Melifonwu is rated as the 6th best CB and the 48th best overall prospect.

During his press conference he was able to announce his times and measurements from his pro day. This is the first person I have seen at any press conference who went through and provided all of their results. Some players have stated their 40 time, but no one has gone through and said all of their results. Since this is a player on the Eagles radar, I was very excited to hear what his measurements and times are.

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 205lbs

Hand: 8.87

Arm: 32.25

Wing: 78.5

40 yard: 4.48s

VJ: 41.5

BJ: 11-2

SS: 4.34s

3C: 7.01s

BP: 16x

The Eagles have a need at CB and he is one of the players who should be on the Eagles radar. When asked if he has been in contact with the Eagles and how it would feel to go to a team that is rebuilding, here is what he said.

He did not spend much time up at the podium but there were some key things he said that we need to keep in mind. He was originally recruited to Syracuse as a safety. Another position the Eagles have a need at. This could be a player that the Eagles bring in as a CB but move him to safety at some point. We all know how injuries have plagued the Eagles in previous years, this could help when the Eagles get plagued with injuries.

He talked a lot about his willingness to player either position and that by playing both has bettered his game. I feel he will be best used as a zone corner. You add his size, vision, and his elite ball skills he will make an excellent corner in this league. There are a lot of hidden gems in the NFL Draft every season. A player like Ifeatu who can play multiple positions could prove to be very valuable to a franchise and a hidden gem.

Here is the big area of concern after this press conference. He was asked if he has talked to the Dallas Cowboys and what his thoughts on them were. Ifeatu mentioned he had a very in-depth conversation with a Dallas coach today and how he felt an instant connection. He went on to explain how much respect he has for the organization and how he would love for the opportunity to play for them. I see major character issues with this. As an Eagles fan, I don't respect the Cowboys. How can we trust his character when he gives Dallas so much praise. I know people think I am crazy now, but we never really know.

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