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STAY OR GO: The Running Backs

The running back position for the Eagles is an interesting one. The Eagles have a definitive number one running back who is untouchable, but outside of that, the rest of the running backs on the roster are vulnerable. I take a look at what they should do with all seven of them.

Miles Sanders

Sanders is an easy one to decide. He has shown constant growth since his rookie year, and when becoming the lead running back this season, he took it and ran. Away from the injuries, he was one of the only consistent performers on the team, but the refusal to run the ball hurt his impact in some games. However, career highs in rushing yards (867) and touchdowns (six) in four fewer games than his rookie year is a very positive sign for the Eagles. It is also good to mention he had three runs of 70 yards or more on the season, which is an incredible stat.

Verdict: STAY. Frankly, Sanders is untouchable. He is the number one guy at the position and should be one of the focal points in this complete rebuild of the organisation. Heading into the third year of his four-year contract, an extension could be looming before the market at the position continues to rise. However, his impact in the receiving game dwindled, and it is something he needs drastically improve.

Boston Scott

After his heroics at the end of the 2019 season, Scott more than deserved his place on the 2020 roster. Sadly, he did not have the same impact on the offense and his playing time decreased significantly. Scott did make some great plays during the season though. His incredible game-winning touchdown in the final seconds of the surprise win over the New York Giants comes to mind.

Verdict: STAY. Scott could become the new Darren Sproles of the team. He has the stature and the ability to do it. He is set to become a restricted free agent this offseason, but I can see the Eagles bringing him back. Scott is a good player. However, as he showed in Sanders' absence, he could not be depended on to carry the load. He should stay as RB3, behind a drafted running back or someone they acquire in the offseason. His kick return abilities play in his favour.

Corey Clement

There was no greater unsung hero during that 2017 Super Bowl run than Clement. He was awesome. Nobody predicted that he would play like he did, especially being an undrafted free agent. His performance in the Super Bowl will go down in history as one of the most impressive for an undrafted rookie. However, he has suffered a string of injuries since then and has barely seen the field.

Verdict: GO. As awesome as Clement was during 2017, it appears the Eagles are clinging to the hope he will be able to replicate that on a cheap contract as the third choice running back. It is time to let go and move on. We will be forever thankful for your involvement in the Super Bowl run Corey.

Jason Huntley

Huntley was a fifth-round pick by the Detroit Lions in the 2020 draft but was picked off waivers by the Eagles. I do not remember seeing him on the field often. He had five carries on the season

Verdict: STAY. Huntley is a difficult one to decide. He had good pre-draft hype as a later round back that could have an impact. However, after being claimed, he never played. There was no pre-season to judge him, and never really got the chance to showcase his abilities during the season. He should get a training camp and the pre-season games to show what he can do before the Eagled decide his fate.

Jordan Howard

Howard performed well in 2019 before a stinger kept him sidelined, and killed his momentum. He was re-signed to the practice squad late in the 2020 season after his release by Miami and barely featured. He had 27 yards rushing across two games, but does not seem to be the hard-hitting runner he was at the beginning of 2019.

Verdict: GO. Howard was only brought in because of Sanders' injury issues, and he was a familiar face. The Eagles will let him go into free agency this offseason.

Adrian Killins

Another player that barely played and the only thing that I can remember him for was that 12-yard run for loss against the 49ers. Killins, who was an undrafted free agent, had a lot of pre-draft hype for his speed. We never got to see him show it.

Verdict: GO. Killins never got to showcase his abilities and was stuck on the practice squad for much of the season. However, he was only called up once, and we even saw Elijah Holyfield brought onto the main roster for a couple of games this season. The Eagles will likely find a running back in the draft, but it would not surprise me if they bring him back for training camp.

Elijah Holyfield

Holyfield has never played a snap in the NFL, and although he was called up to the main roster a couple of times, he never saw the field. He did have some nice college tape though.

Verdict: GO. The Eagles will bring in a few undrafted free agent running backs following this year's draft to battle it out for a place on the practice squad. Holyfield will likely be released.


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