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Report: Staley asks out of contract with Eagles

Photo from AP

According to a report, Eagles assistant head coach/running backs coach has requested out of his contract with the Eagles.

Staley, who was denied yet again to be promoted to head coach of the Eagles, is looking for a new opportunity for another team. He has been the running backs coach since rejoining the franchise in 2013. Staley, a former running back for the Eagles from 1997 to 2003.

It is hard to blame Staley for wanting out from the Eagles after being passed over in the search for a head coach again, he interviewed back in 2016 as well.

It is reported the Chicago Bears are interested in Staley. They have an open running backs coach position. Although, it would be a lateral move, it is understandable for Staley to want a fresh start with a new franchise. The Eagles have made it clear they have no interest in further promoting Staley.

It is unfortunate for Duce because he has been such a prominent part of the franchise since his playing days. The players seemed to really like him and rooted for him to be promoted to head coach in the Eagles' most recent coaching search.

If Staley does move on, the Eagles will need to fill the running backs coach position.

Stay tuned.

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