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Recapping a Wild Weekend in College Football. Best Game, Winner, Losers and the Chuck Scalies Top 10

I am currently riding the high of a Notre Dame overtime win in Tallahassee and good Lord what a way to end the weekend huh? And we still have one more week 1 game tomorrow night! This is going to be a weekly post for me just doing a mind dump of the major things I saw in college football and then give my top 10 rankings at the end of each week.

Best Game Notre Dame 41-Florida State 38

Wisconsin transfer Jack Coan making his first start for the Irish throwing for 366 yards and 4 touchdowns isn't even the big story of the game. Notre Dame blew an 18 point second-half lead when Mckenzie Milton made his first appearance since one of the most gruesome leg injuries you'll ever see a couple of years back. Milton single-handedly just breathed life back into a Florida State program that was a laughing stock the past two seasons. Even in a loss, it was an awesome night for coach Mike Norvell and that program for the future.

Biggest Winners

  1. College football fans: Fans are back and stadiums were rocking. I truly did not really understand the loss of fans last year until they came back. They add so much to the atmosphere of a game I will never take it for granted again.

  2. UCLA: Who knows if LSU is any good but Chip Kelly starting 2-0 and looking pretty dominant so far is great for the PAC 12. Chip Kelly showing why he was one of the best coaches in the sport when he left for Philly in 2013.

  3. Alabama: Bryce Young might be the best quarterback Nick Saban has had. They were up 27-0 before Miami even PASSED MIDFIELD. Absurd. I, an idiot, did not think they would be a CFP team this year because of all of the talent they lost, but they are loaded again, folks.

  4. Georgia: Unbelievably dominant performance. Clemson rushed for two yards and Uiagalelei was sacked 7 times. This defense is ridiculous. I'm salivating for an Alabama-Georgia SEC title game already.

  5. Iowa: A 34-6 win in the opener versus Indiana is going to be the least talked about dominating performance of the weekend. Their game against Iowa State next Saturday night is going to be awesome. They have a legit path to play in the Big Ten Championship and Rose Bowl this year seeing as though Wisconsin may have some major issues on offense again.

Biggest Losers

  1. Oklahoma: You can't beat Tulane by 5 in your home opener if you have national title aspirations. I am not jumping ship on them yet as a contender but Spencer Rattlerbeing outplayed by Michael Pratt and the defense looking like your typical Sooner defense is a major cause for concern.

  2. The ACC: Clemson had two rushing yards and no touchdowns against Georgia. Miami did not belong on the same field as Alabama. UNC looks like pre-season's most overrated team. Very tough weekend for the best teams in that conference. There is a legitimate case to be made now that they will not have a team in the CFP.

  3. LSU: Ed Orgeron called UCLA's color "sissy blue" walking into the stadium and got his ass kicked. Tough look. We may be getting close to an Ed Orgeron firing quite frankly.

  4. Washington: Yes I have their win total over 9 wins and losing to Montana is a disgrace. I mean 7 points? Really? That's one of those losses that completely derail a season before it gets started. Now you have to travel to the Big House to play a Michigan team that may have finally found a quarterback. 0-2 looks very likely.

  5. Kansas: The fans stormed the field because they beat FCS South Dakota State. That's a major loser of the weekend while also making me love Kansas football in a weird way. I know that does not make any sense but it is past midnight here on the east coast and it makes sense to me right now.

The Chuck Scalies Top 10

The moment we've all been waiting for. The debut of the CS Top 10.

  1. Alabama

  2. Georgia

  3. Ohio State

  4. Oklahoma

  5. Cincinnati

  6. Clemson

  7. Notre Dame

  8. Texas A&M

  9. Iowa

  10. Penn State

East coast bias? Embrace debate.

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