Position Grades Week 8 vs Cowboys

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This game was TOUGH to watch. It seemed at times the Eagles were trying to win this game IN SPITE of the coaching staff and star QB. Certain players coming back healthy makes a difference against a team that is losing players quickly. NO. We did not lose to a 3rd string QB but we almost did. This was a true NFC EAST matchup in 2020. And at 3-4-1, the Philadelphia Eagles are leading the division going into the bye week.

Coaches: D-

Doug Pederson did absolutely nothing to contribute to this win tonight. This coaching staff is CONSTANTLY overthinking themselves. Calling trick plays on 3rd and 6 when you don't have to. Sending Hurts into the game after a HUGE pickup by Fulgham in the 1st Quarter which then resulted in a delay of game. NOT ROLLING CARSON OUT OF THE POCKET. Abandoning the run game against a team that is ranked DEAD LAST IN THE NFL ! Not blitzing the pants off of a rookie 3rd string QB. The non stop sticks defense. Why go for 2 after the fumble recovery TD? You are already up 21-9? Just kick the XP man!

This team is constantly underwhelming. It is the coaching staff to start. They are preparing this team each week to be ready to compete AT or JUST BELOW the level of their opponent. That is not ok. That is not long term investment. That is not good coaching.

Quarterbacks: D

Carson looked BAD tonight. 4 turnovers all by himself. Holding onto the ball WAY too long and trying to be a hero every single play. The 2nd interception wasn't necessarily his fault as Hightower has to track the ball better but Wentz is reckless with the football. HE IS NOT A POCKET PASSER. Doug is really putting him no position to succeed.

The second fumble was unforgivable. Wentz scrambled out of the pocket but the WRONG WAY. Then held it and held it and held it when there was not a single player on his side of the field and got sacked.

He did have some success though with his new favorite targets. Fulgham and Reagor are going to be studs in this league and Wentz will capitalize from their connection.

Running Backs: B-

Boston Scott is the killer of the NFC East. He set a new career high in yards in the first half. Finished with 15 carries and 70 yards. Clement added his 24 yards. Nothing too flashy there. This group was good. Did what they needed to do.

Wide Receivers: B+

This group of young WRs is going to be special (as long as we don't let the old/injured come back and take reps). Fulgham continues to be VERY impressive with his route running and catching ability. Reagor coming back gave a JOLT to this offense. Ward added his 3 catches as well but a very bad drop on a 3rd down. This group is young and growing together.