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Position Grades Week 7 vs Giants

Let me start by saying this. I am excited that the Eagles found a way to win. This was a must win game and they won.

Now, let me be controversial: I have NO TIME for defensive players who feel the need to flex when they are 1-4-1 and you are going against a team that is 1-5. The amount of "look at this play we just made" that our defense did while we were losing is pathetic. Do something excellent and then celebrate.

This Giants team was ranked second to last in offense in the NFL going into this game. The Eagles put up 28 and 29 points against excellent Steelers and Ravens teams. They were only able to muster an anemic 22 points against a bad (and I do mean BAD) Giants team.

But now we are sitting here at 2-4-1. This season isn't over because we can still win the division. We desperately need some pieces in place though if we are going to compete because we can't keep putting anybody who happens to be healthy on the field each week.

Coaches : D

How is it that Jim Schwartz can prepare his team for a portion of the game but then fall apart so much? How is it that Doug can get his players to score on the first drive and then find almost zero rhythm after that. Carson never was able to get into a rhythm and it showed. The 7 steps drops continued and Carson got knocked down a lot. The 2 point conversions that are just a joke anymore.

On the first drive, no huddle worked. Getting it to DJax worked. Both of those things were practically forgotten about after the 1st drive.

The defense started out so strong. Schwartz blitzed more. But those blitzers never got to the QB and Jones was able to pick them apart.

And WHY do you have DJax returning punts? He is so often injured and you just got him back. You need him at WR and I wouldn't be surprised if his season is over.

The coaches are calling the plays they want to, not for the players hey have and their skill sets."

QBs: C+

If this was based on just the first drive of the game, Carson would've gotten a very high mark. But after that drive where Wentz marched the team down the field with ease, he began playing hero ball again. He held the ball entirely too long, threw off his backfoot, was pathetically inaccurate to open receiver, threw bad BAD INTs in the redzone. Add that to getting called for intentional grounding and sacks throughout the game. I adore Carson Wentz and think he is one of the toughest players in the NFL with the hits he takes and the players he has to play with. He needs to take care of himself though.

But then, as he has done so many times, he led the team to the win. I just continue to be impressed by his resilience. It is something that is commendable. The throw to Boston Scott that won the game was something superb and can get built on.

Carson has to know that his offense around him is not a high caliber and must know when to give up on a play.

RBs: A-

Boston Scott is a rhythm back. He played well because he consistently got the ball in the first half. And then Doug went away from the run when he started trailing. But Boston Scott SAVED the day. Great threat out of the backfield and a huge go-ahead TD. Boston Scott is the tiniest Giant killer we have!

WRs: B-

Desean played well and then disappeared. Fulgham didn't appear until late in the 2nd quarter. Ward lingered around and even had a TD. AND! JJAW caught a pass! Are any of these things truly impressive? Probably not. But for a young group of WRs to find some success is always good. There were no drops that were horrific like last week. Hightower had a monster catch finally.

The big concern now is losing DJax officially for the year.

OLine: D

I understand the team is injured. I understand this team is just trying to find 5 guys that have a pulse that can block for Carson. Mailata did not have a good game tonight and neither did Opeta and the communication between the two of them was terrible. Multiple missed blocking assignments and a lot of Giants in the backfield that kept Carson running the entire night. Carson won't make it through the season if he keeps getting hit like this and will never progress if he never gets the chance to throw. And Kelce? The only consistent member of the team had a crippling penalty on the last drive of the game that bumped that out of the redzone. Lucky Boston Scott saved the day.

This group needs to get healthy and find somebody that can keep their franchise QB safe.

DLine: B-

This group did a good job blitzing and getting towards the QB. Problem is they never got TO the Qb. By not succeeding in that task, Daniel Jones was able to pick apart the much weaker back 7. Brandon Graham eventually ended this football game by forcing a fumble and Vinny Curry jumped on it. This group is the strength of the defense. That might not be saying much though.

LBs: C

I am tired of this group but Gerry played better. Riley played better. This group played at the level of their talent today. And for Gerry to have a sack? Riley to have a huge hit on a screen pass? The LBs weren't great but they didn't cost anybody anything today. Its going to be hard to ever score this group higher than that.

Secondary: B-

I know its scheme but the secondary had a terrible game today. NRC was awful. LeBlanc had his ups and down. Slay did ok. Mills had a pick. But each play the Eagles played MILES off of the ball. This group needed to step up and they just didn't. This group has to get more physical and quickly.

Special Teams: C

Jake Elliot can't miss a 29 yard field goal. He just can't. Elliot needs to see somebody about the mental block he is facing when kicking field goals. Johnston is an exceptional punter. We also have nobody who can be explosive as a return man. Maybe don't put DJax back there though and now he's probably done for the year.


A win is a win. We over here in Eagles land are excited that there was a win no matter how ugly it was. The biggest concern that the Eagles have is staying healthy. Plus:

Is there a gameplan rule that says the Eagles have to play at just below the level of their opponents every week?

This Eagles team gets a few days off. They need to get some players back and healthy. There can't be anymore of this "maybe they will play" junk if the plan is to compete this year. If it isn't, then the next few days need to spent getting the best possible deals and unloading salary.

But tonight we are celebrating the first place PHILADELPHIA EAGLES!!!

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