Position Grades: Loss to SEA

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Another game. Another embarrassing effort (or lack thereof). The Philadelphia Eagles are 3-7-1 and trending DOWN fast. As I sat and watched the game last night, I struggled to come up with one play where I was truly impressed with the designed play call and execution. Not. ONE. But as I am obliged to do, here are your weekly grades for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Coaches: F

This grade is really aimed at Doug. Jim Schwartz's defense was decent last night. Hits on the Qb and shutting down Tyler Lockett (3 catches for 23 yards). Except DK Metcalf had a career night and it turns out was inspired by Jim Schwartz giving him bulletin board material.

After that lovely comment, DK Metcalf went 10 catches for 177 (BUT NO TDS). The no TDs is why Schwartz gets a reprieve here for the gaudy numbers.

Then we get to Doug. As usual, the play calling was unimaginative. The game management was atrocious. The COACHING of his players was bad. He decided to go for it down two scores when in field goal range? Sealed the game right there. Miles Sanders carried the ball 6 times (but averages 5 yards per carry usually?). Doesn't utilize his best weapons. ONE QB ROLLOUT for Carson Wentz!!!!

I also find it inexcusable the level of rhythm disruption Doug does weekly. When Jalen Hurts entered the game and completed a pass, what was his reward? Being pulled right away. Just for Carson to take a sack. AND THEN Doug finally goes to have a conversation with a QB on the sideline but its not his QB1...he goes to Jalen Hurts who only appeared on the field for one more play...the Hurts Option.

So why is he still here? Because his team only lost 23-17 and they are still in the hunt for the playoffs...

BLOW IT UP!! Doug needs to be canned before the season is over. This isn't an acceptable offense and that falls on him.

QBs: D

Carson holds the ball too long. He is inaccurate. He takes unnecessary hits and sacks. He makes bad choices with the football. He underthrows wide open tight ends and totally ignores wide open receivers. I could copy and paste what I just wrote each week.

But I don't blame him entirely for this. This offense is NOT designed for Carson's strengths. Look at the best drives he had last night. The team went up tempo and Carson used his feet to create opportunity. That isn't what is called for him. I am not ready to give up on Carson yet because he is in a bad situation with a coach and GM that aren't giving him the help he needs.