Position Grades: Loss @Browns

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The Philadelphia Eagles are a heartless, self destructing team with no leadership and no direction.

This game showcased everything that was wrong with the Eagles. Playcalling, individual play, overall team effort. This game against the once terrible Cleveland Browns showed how very bad the now terrible Philadelphia Eagles really are.

Coaching: F

Doug needs to not be calling plays anymore. It was not until the 4th quarter that epiphany Pederson finally called a play that rolled Carson out of the pocket and then never did again. He called running plays in the first half and then completely abandoned it in the second. First half: 19 rushes for 96 yards and Carson was 8-12. 2nd half: 6 rushes for 10 yards and Carson floundered. The Browns called the perfect offense game plan for Carson Wentz for Baker Mayfield.

On a day where Baker Mayfield looked exactly like he normally does, he ended up having a great day against Jim Schwartz's defense. The run game was shut down for a lot of the day, but exhaustion set in and the defense gave way.

Quarterbacks: F

Carson Wentz played terrible. We will address the lack of time the offensive line provided later on. But the decision making by Wentz has to be discussed here. The weather didn't help. But CARSON WENTZ (the 2020 version) is a big issue. He holds the ball too long (safety), he can't read the field, and he doesn't know when to just throw the ball away. We as fans are so amazed when he completes a basic NFL pass accurately like he did to Goedert in the first quarter. We shouldn't be. That should be ordinary. Its very frustrating. Carson was a huge reason for the loss yesterday but Jalen Hurts behind this offensive line with this play calling is not the solution. Its just all we have right now.

Running Backs: C+

The running game was doing great things. Miles Sanders had a really horrific fumble in the redzone on the opening drive. When they were given the chance, the running backs did their job pretty well. When Doug took the opportunity away from them, they couldn't do much...

Wide Receivers: D

Alshon was on for 5 plays and one of them was a toddler playing Madden quality effort. Ward had 3 catches and Reagor had 4. Fulgham was a non factor again. This group is underperforming badly.

Tight Ends: B

This is the only decent part of the off