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Philly fans are mean, but real fans do not cross the line

During the 4th quarter of Game 2 of the Wizards and 76ers game, Russell Westbrook went down with an apparent ankle injury. Westbrook is not only one of the best players in the NBA right now, but he is one of the greatest of all time. It is no hiding Russ and Embiid's displeasure for each other, and how the entire fanbase have learned to hate Russ or the fan that flipped Russ the bird on opening night.

One rule as a fan in all of sports is simple; Never cheer or hope for an injury. We all want to see our favorite team win, however at what cost? Russ is a top tier player, you hate to see his greatness go down like that. If you cheer when a player goes down, you are not only a real fan but a terrible person. Be a real fan, and appreciate the greatness and love the sport.

When Russ was leaving the court after getting hurt, a fan threw a bag of popcorn onto the star PG. I want to first say, that this fan should not only be banned from 76ers games, but he should be banned from every Philadelphia sporting event. This act was disgusting and this fan should never be allowed to witness Philly sports.

Philly fans are known for being mean, and I fully support that. However, there is a line. This fan crossed the line. I do not like Russ, but I want him to play his best. He is one of the game's best, and I want him to go out every night and play his heart out. I never want to see him get hurt especially in a playoff series. Every NBA player should have the opportunity to play and compete and I hate to see when that is taken away because of an injury.

I hope all Philly fans join me and not associating yourself with this fan. This is a guy that does this is not appreciative of the process or the team. They hear playoff basketball and know Philly fans for being mean, and do dumb stuff like this. This is not what real fans do, please never be like this.

The 76ers are the best team in the east and we want to win it all. Let's not let the focus shift. The Sixers have a great team and we need to appreciate the team we have and the competition we are playing against.

I ask all Philly and sport fans to do one favor for me. Please never break the biggest rule in sports. Never cheer or hope for any injury on any player. I don't care if this player has done your franchise wrong, you never should wish an injury on someone. Please appreciate the game and appreciate sports.

I am glad the fan was ejected. As a Philly fan I do not associate myself with him, and I hope you do the same, I hope you continue to think that Philly fans are mean, but I hope you all know and understand that Philly fans are not disgusting. This was a disgusting act, but this is not a representation of the entire fan base.

If Russell Westbrook reads this I have a simple message for you. I know your rivalary with the team and the fanbase is fun, but please know that we all love and appreciate your game. You are the triple double king for a reason. You are one of the greatest players of all time and all Philly fans know that. You bring excitment and passion to the game. Please do not think anything worse of us because of this fan. 99% of 76ers fans love and appreciate your game, and we are all sorry that the 1% do not appreciate it. Get healthy.

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