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Owners Approve COVID Contingency Plan that Doesn't Screw NFC East Winner

With the NFC East still wide open to the excitement and extreme frustration of all four teams' fans, fans were alarmed by first drafts of a COVID contingency plan that might eliminate home-field advantage for division winners, basing seeding entirely on winning percentage. The contingency plan would only take effect if games postponed due to COVID could not be played within the established 18-week calendar, provided the games were consequential to playoff qualification.

Yesterday, the NFL owners passed a contingency plan that does not remove home-field advantage from NFC East division winners. So yes, Eagles fans, we can still be Kings of Trash Mountain. And with no clear world-beater in the NFC East (as shown in Pittsburgh's struggles against a seriously hobbled Dallas, Green Bay's loss to the miserable Vikings, the Saints' continual struggles against mediocre teams, and Tampa Bay getting blown out to said Saints), anything can happen in playoffs.

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