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Oregon State Pro Day Media Recap

Oregon State had their pro day on Friday evening, and All About the Birds were in attendance for the media session. Four players stepped up to the podium for questions.

Hamilcar Rashed, Linebacker

Rashed said that from the meetings he has had with teams, they have mostly been positive. They have told him they like the way he plays, but he can improve his waist movement when trying to get past blockers. Rashed said that the draft process had been a fun one, despite no combine and limitations on the Senior Bowl.

The linebacker said that he was 95% healthy, having had recent injury issues, and he was happy with how his pro day went. However, Rashed alluded to his competitive mindset claiming that he can always do better than what he had produced, and that is a chip that he carries on his shoulder. Rashed is high on his pass-rushing abilities and believes that he has a similar bend to Von Miller when rushing the quarterback.

Jermar Jefferson, Running Back

Jefferson said that scouts told him that he has improved in his pass protection, and they wanted to see more of him receiving out of the backfield. He believes that he showed the scouts that on Friday. Jefferson returned kicks on just two occasions this past season and confirmed that he worked on his Special Teams skills. He gave insight into his willingness to learn as he said that he sat in on Special Teams meetings throughout the year to keep learning new information, all in preparation for playing in the NFL.

The running back said that his vision is his best ability and that he can see things other backs could not see. He also alluded to his mental and physical toughness. Jefferson told reporters that he could be a featured back if he lands on the right team that allows him to showcase his skills.

I was able to ask Jefferson a couple of questions where he confirmed that he had spoken with the Eagles. I also asked him what he would add to the Eagles running back room if they drafted him.

Nashon Wright, Cornerback

Wright was asked what he thought of the Jacksonville Jaguars and mentioned that the rebuilding process was something he would love to be involved with. However, Wright was smart as he followed that up by saying he was a fan of all 32 NFL franchises and whatever team drafts him will be getting a good player.

Wright has been told by coaches close to him that he needs to be on Special Teams because that is what will keep him in the league. He said that he is willing to do anything on Special Teams and has played in all phases of that part of the game bar field goals. Meaning he already has the experience, but he admitted that he would be willing to do anything.

Isaiah Dunn, Cornerback

Dunn said that one of the qualities he would bring to the team that drafts him is that he will carry the attitude of every day is an opportunity to get better. That is a strong mentality for a player to have and something that could allow him to become an eventual leader if a team takes a chance on him.

Dunn also said that a team would be getting a hard-nosed, football-loving player who will come out to compete. He also stated that he would try to become a major contributor in his first year. The cornerback said that playing in the nickel helped him a lot this past season because it meant he had to learn and know a lot more than he used to.

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