My All-Time Unsung Eagles

By Dan Green

Every fan of every team, can quickly run off their favorite legends that represented their team! I would start with Bergey, White, Joyner, Carmichael, Quick, Westbrook, McNabb, and Cox, for my team. How about the nondescript players of your franchise? The unsung, the unheralded player, yet someone that was damn good, but is lost in the annals of time, and our minds? Well, I’m here to give your mind a jolt, and to share my thoughts of who is on the list of “my” greatest Eagles never talked about. Before I start, obviously this is subjective, and I could go so many directions. Also keep in mind, my viewing period starts in the mid 1970s. Please just appreciate the players chosen, and then come up with your own list. I will pick 2 per position. Share around the water cooler, or let me know your choices @dmgteach!


This clearly is a position too hard to find sleepers? I started my Eagle fandom with an over the hill Roman Gabriel, and a mediocre Mike Boryla splitting time. Then came the Jaworski years, followed by the Cunningham years, followed by a mish mosh of QBs like Jim McMahon, Rodney Peete, Bubby Brister, Bobby Hoying, Mike McMahon, Ty Detmer, finally bridging to Donovan McNabb. Boy were there some bad QBs, and teams during those years! After Donovan we had Kolb, Vick, Young, Sanchez, Foles (who), and Bradford, until we finally landed our franchise QB, Carson Wentz! Or so we thought! I left out a few obscure guys of course, but with this category, I’ll just go with my favorite being Randall Cunningham. Again, at this position, you cannot come up with a guy obscure enough, who played here long enough! That will also be my little caveat, the player had to have played here longer than a “cup of coffee”, so sorry Jeff Garcia fans, myself included.

Running Back

I had to endure some very mediocre running backs in Mike Hogan and John Sullivan until the great Wilbert Montgomery came along! Once Montgomery left, we had some very lean years at that position! You thought the Eagles drafted bad now, they drafted Michael Haddix 8th overall in 1983, to get their featured back. That of course was the famous quarterback draft, that included Dan Marino at the end of the draft, well after Haddix. I was never a Jaworski fan as a player, and Dan Marino crossed my mind while watching that draft. It was a weak running back draft class, and the Eagles drafted out of need instead of the best available player. The backs taken that year after Haddix, were James Jones, and Gary Anderson, nothing to write home about. Best available, not including Jim Kelly and Dan Marino, were Darrell Green, Joey Browner, and Dave Rimington to name a few.

Getting back to the category at first running back on my unheralded list would be Keith Byars. Ironically, not for his running skills. He was Buddy Ryan's