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Mount Rushmore of Philadelphia Sports: 76ers

Hello everyone! I present to you the first installment of a new series of articles I am going to be publishing. I got into a debate with some friends about the greatest athlete in Philadelphia history! I wanted to write my thoughts down and help spark some fun conversation with Philadelphia sports fans!

I am going to be presenting my "Mount Rushmore" for many different categories in Philadelphia sports history. The hope for this is to help spark some fun conversation amongst fans. I want us all as Philadelphia fans to take time and appreciate all the great people who played or coached in our great city!

**Before I start I want to say one thing. Picking just four people for each category is extremely tough. There are a ton of people that are worthy of this honor! No disrespect to any person that does not make the list, but rather thank you for making this difficult!

Wilt Chamberlin

The easiest pick for this honor has to be Wilt. In three short seasons playing for the 76ers, Wilt was incredible. He was an all star and won the MVP award in each of those seasons. In his second season he helped lead the 76ers to the NBA Championship. The most famous picture in basketball is him holding a piece of paper with 100 on it after he scored 100 points in a game. The most famous picture in basketball makes him a clear favorite for a Mount Rushmore spot.

Julius "Dr" Erving

There should be zero doubt that Dr. J would make this list. Here are some of his accomplishments of his time with the Sixers. 11x All Star, 5x NBA 1st team, 1981 NBA MVP! There is not enough time to go into detail of all his accomplishments. When you see highlight plays of basketball games, you instantly think of slam dunks. The original slam dunk highlight is Dr. J's dunk against the Lakers!

Moses Malone

It is only fitting that Moses and Dr. J are both on this list. The other key member of the 1983 NBA Championship team, Moses Malone won 2 NBA MVP awards, was a 4x All Star, and the most important accolade was he was the MVP of the 1983 NBA Finals! He was a true icon in Philadelphia sports history and was admired by so many fans.

Allen Iverson

"And finally a six foot guard from Georgetown, number 3, Allen Iverson"- Matt Cord. There was no doubt that the answer was going to make an appearance on this list. The most iconic and beloved player in the last 30 years, Allen Iverson helped lead the Sixers to the NBA Finals and a NBA MVP award. No one represents Philadelphia more than Allen Iverson. I love iconic moments, and how iconic is him stepping over Ty Lue during the 2001 NBA Finals? My favorite athlete of all time has to make it.

Honorable Mention: Hal Greer and Charles Barkley

Up next: College Coaches

There are tons of coaches that have had success at the college ranks! Who makes the list?


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