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MATCH RECAP: Union Fall Flat in Orlando

Photo Cred: ESPN

The Union had a quick turn around from Saturday's electric win in Subaru Park, as they were hosted by Orlando City SC. Here's AATB's summary from tonight's match!!

Starting XI



Wagner, Elliott, Glesnes, Mbaizo

Monteiro, Martinez, Bedoya, Gazdag

Santos, Przybylko

Orlando City


Jansson, Schlegel

Moutinho, Rosell, Perea, Smith

Pererya, Mueller, Nani, Michel

First Half Summary

The Union cannot seem to escape Mother Nature. Lighting delayed the game nearly an hour, but the Boys in Blue finally kicked off at 8:25pm

The Union's most promising early moment came in the 7th minute. Kai and Miro started a counter attack, which found Bedoya and Mbaizo surging down the right side of the pitch. Bedoya, however, wasn't able to lead Mbaizo well enough, and things remained 0-0.

Philly's sloppiness burned them just a few moments later. Michel snuck right behind Mbaizo, and a well struck pass found Michel open in the box. The ball was sent passed Freese with ease, and the Union found themselves down 1 goal early. After looking at the replay, Jose and Mbaizo were clearly not on the same page, and Michel took advantage.

Gazdag had a solid strike at net in the 18th minute. Elliott sent a great pass downfield toward Sergio, whose crossing ball eventually found Daniel's feet. Gazdag gave it a good chance from the top of the box, but it unfortunately sailed over the crossbar.

Orlando continued their pressure, and Philly played a fair amount of defense between the 20th and 30th minute. The Union did begin to put some offensive plays together, but their miscommunication and poor passing continued to hinder their ability to tie the match.

Philly earned a corner in the 35th minute. Jamiro's high cross was able to find the head of Jack Elliott, but the center back sent the ball well over the cross bar. Even if it wasn't the best chance, it was good to see the Union putting some pressure on Orlando's defense.

Jose Martinez thinks he's able to make a goal from over 20 yards away. I feel like he takes a long distance strike every match, and each time it isn't even close. Can't stand it.

A couple good chances came in the final few minutes of the first half. Sergio found the ball within the box, but his shot sailed well over the net. A yellow card was then given to Pererya. He and Brujo were fighting for the ball, and Pererya's elbow came up and caught Jose in the face. Brujo sold it enough for a yellow, but the replay showed that a red card was not warranted. The free kick was a good one from Kai, and Glesnes' header sailed just wide of the net. The whistle then blew, and the Union entered the locker room down 1.

Second Half Summary

The sloppy passing continued in the first five minutes of the half. Daniel did test Gallese a bit in the 50th minute though. His shot from outside the box sailed just wide of the post, and it looked like the Union could have benefited from an extra pass here. Despite some poor passes, Philly was keeping the ball in Orlando's half of the pitch. That was some progress compared to the first 45 minutes.

Santos was the first Union player to receive a yellow card. He made a strong tackle from the back, and Sergio was visibly upset and kicked the ball away. He was then shown the card in the 56th minute for dissent.

Philly's defense fell asleep again in the 59th minute. Nani was given enough time to send a cross into the box, and Glesnes was caught ball watching. Perea was left wide open, and he easily headed the ball into the corner of the net. Freese had no shot, again.

Union answered just ten minutes later. Mbaizo was found wide open on the right side of the pitch, and he sent a strong cross into the box. The ball went straight to Kacper's right foot, and Przybylko sent a strong one-timer into the back of the net. What a goal! Curtin then replaced Santos and Gazdag with Sullivan and Flach.

Sullivan almost had a brilliant goal in the 78th minute. A ricocheting ball found Sullivan open at the top of the box, and his low flying strike was saved by a diving Gallese. Oh so close from Philly here, but Orlando kept the lead.

Sullivan had another excellent strike in the 83rd minute. Nani went down, but Philly kept playing. Sullivan sent a powerful shot at net, but Gallese was able to cradle it in. Love what we have seen so far from Quinn, he looks ready for the spotlight.

Bedoya had himself a rough night, and he was finally relieved in the 89th minute by Jack McGlynn. Would have liked to see the Captain come off a few minutes earlier.

Another sub came for Philly, as Aaronson replaced a limping Miro. Hoping that Monteiro is healthy for Sunday.

Jannson was given a broken nose from his teammate, which stopped the match for a few minutes. Union then countered well, and Elliott somehow found himself weaving his way in the box. His shot was saved, and the rebound was crossed back into the box by McGlynn. Sullivan struck the ball just inches from the goal, but it was inexplicably sent away by Smith, who was in the right place at the right time. The whistle finally blew in Orlando, and Philly could not make the most of their chances tonight. They fell 2-1.

Union will not have a long time to think about this one. We are back at it on Sunday night vs Miami.

- Mike Barrera (mbarrera1323)

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