MATCH RECAP: Union Fall Flat in Orlando

Photo Cred: ESPN

The Union had a quick turn around from Saturday's electric win in Subaru Park, as they were hosted by Orlando City SC. Here's AATB's summary from tonight's match!!

Starting XI



Wagner, Elliott, Glesnes, Mbaizo

Monteiro, Martinez, Bedoya, Gazdag

Santos, Przybylko

Orlando City


Jansson, Schlegel

Moutinho, Rosell, Perea, Smith

Pererya, Mueller, Nani, Michel

First Half Summary

The Union cannot seem to escape Mother Nature. Lighting delayed the game nearly an hour, but the Boys in Blue finally kicked off at 8:25pm

The Union's most promising early moment came in the 7th minute. Kai and Miro started a counter attack, which found Bedoya and Mbaizo surging down the right side of the pitch. Bedoya, however, wasn't able to lead Mbaizo well enough, and things remained 0-0.

Philly's sloppiness burned them just a few moments later. Michel snuck right behind Mbaizo, and a well struck pass found Michel open in the box. The ball was sent passed Freese with ease, and the Union found themselves down 1 goal early. After looking at the replay, Jose and Mbaizo were clearly not on the same page, and Michel took advantage.