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Mack's Monday Mock- 1st Round

Hello all my NFL Draft enthusiasts and Eagles fans everywhere! Every Monday, I will be presenting you Mack's Mock Monday. We will start with round 1 and slowly by slowly add another round. We may get really crazy and mock for more than just the Eagles. However, if you are a fan of ALL ABOUT THE BIRDS, I am assuming you are an Eagles fan. (If you are not an Eagles fan, I question your life choices.) However, I assume most of you are Eagles fans, so lets look at round 1.

The Eagles will have 3 first round draft picks. At one point this season, it looked like the Eagles would have 3 top 10 draft picks. However, Miami, Philly, and Indy all decided to start winning, and it no longer seems possible. Good thing having 3 first round picks is still a very good situation to be in.

Let's take a look at who the Eagles can pick up in round 1 in 2022!

8. Tyler Lindenbaum CENTER Iowa

(Photo courtesy of Daily Iowan)

I have been on record saying a few things. Some examples; Landon Dickerson is going to replace Kelce when he retires and the Eagles should focus strictly on defense in 2022. Dickerson has been playing a lot of guard and can easily stay there long term. Lindenbaum is the best interior lineman we have seen for a long time and is worth the pick. If you keep Dickerson at guard and put Lindenbaum at Center, then the Eagles can lockdown the offensive line for the long term.

11. Andrew Booth JR CB Clemson

(Photo courtesy of TigerNet)

Besides Darius Slay and Avonte Maddox, the Eagles are thin at CB. Not as thin as a piece of paper, but maybe a small stack. If the Eagles are committed to playing zone, then Booth is a fantastic fit. The Eagles get burned by receivers all time, its time they stop getting burned and lock these guys down.

16 Jahan Dotson WR Penn State

(Photo courtesy of the Athletic)

3 straight years of taking a WR in the first round? Yeah, who says no? There is a lot of questions that do not have answers to Eagles WR room. However, I can answer all of them with this quick statement. If the Eagles want to continue to develop Jalen Hurts and give him proper weapons, you will surround him with elite weapons. However, you can not do that with Jalen Reagor, JJ Arcega Whiteside, and Quez Watkins. DeVonta Smith is great, but you need to get more guys who are equal or better talent than him. Dotson is an elite playmaker and plays so naturally. Keep him in state!

I am not sure about you, but this would be an A+ first round for the Eagles. They can help lock up the offensive line for the future. They can get a top tier CB to play alongside Darius Slay. The Eagles will get a top tier WR to help Jalen and DeVonta grow. I absolutely love this scenario. Not having multiple top ten picks sucks, but this is easily a great first round! Come on Howie, make it happen!

See you all next Monday for another great time of Mack's Monday Mock! Make sure you follow me on Twitter @adammackNFL


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