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Let’s Talk About Jalen Hurts

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Last week against the Ravens, Hurts came in and provided a much-needed spark to the Eagles lackluster offense. This past week, Jalen Hurts had 5 snaps, 2 rushing attempts, 2 yards, in what seemed like a game he was poised to contribute in. With what looks like a “week-to-week” trial-by-error approach, the Jalen Hurts experience becomes more befuddling as weeks unfold.

Jalen Hurts, a 2nd round pick, drew comparisons to Russell Wilson in his fluidity in running and passing plays. The Eagles feared they would not be able to select him in the third round and so instead, took him in the second round, as every Eagles fan froze. When we look at some of the holes in this roster in Week 8, it’s hard not to scrutinize this decision, as the value they are getting is extremely underwhelming.

Comments from Doug and Howie appeared to insinuate that the decision was mutual and that they were excited at how they would incorporate his skill set into the offense, akin to “Taysom Hill”, as was referenced by Doug Pederson. Through 2020, the numbers between the two couldn’t be more identical. There’s only one difference between them. Taysom Hill is undrafted; Jalen Hurts is a 2nd round pick. It’s widely accepted that your first 3 draft picks should be contributing immediately and effectively for your football team. For some, this is exactly why this move is puzzling; fans and spectators are still looking to piece together the motivations behind the decision.

Rest assured, Doug did say Jalen Hurts was drafted as a quarterback first. So, there is enough belief he would be Carson’s successor. But, the situation just gets muddier. In terms of value, the price you paid for Jalen Hurts, as we get close to midseason, certainly isn’t worth his “Taysom Hill-like” output. It’s also very high for a backup QB to be sitting behind Carson and his newfound salary.

As the season presses on, the criticism of this draft pick grows. Is he QB insurance or is he a critical part of the offensive game plan? Is he a successor or is he a gadget? It’s becoming more evident that the Eagles aren’t exactly sure.

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