Let DFS Decide Our QB!

In Philadelphia, we have drama that even Hollywood couldn’t create! How it all started...the 2020 draft! The majority of our fanbase was baffled, I would dare say apoplectic in the second round selection of Jalen Hurts. After all, we just had our “franchise” QB, Carson Wentz throw for over 4,000 yards, while doing so to an unheralded wide receiving corps that had no members achieve over 500 yards. A feat, never done before! Additionally, he had a very respectable TD to interception ratio of 27 to 7! Dare I mention the monster contract he signed just a year earlier! Yet the befuddling pick of Hurts, when players like Denzel Mims, and Jk Dobbins were on the board to sure up the offense. Or, if getting the best available talent to help a need on defense, the fine safety, Jeremy Chinn was available. Even modest trades could have been made to perhaps secure a Chase Claypool type talent?

Despite this decision, it is my opinion, Hurts was drafted out of fear that Wentz would inevitably get injured? Although not his fault, the cheap shot to his head by Clowney in the Wild Card round, once again had us wondering, “Could this kid ever take us on a deep run?” So was Hurts, an overthought pick, as an injury insurance policy? Or, perhaps as trade capital if Wentz performed back to his 2017 form? It had to be one of those 2 reasons...right?

Entertaining the innuendo of management does not like Wentz, or Pederson does not like Wentz, or the locker room ultimately does not like Wentz, or Wentz was uncomfortable with Hurts in the background, is just that, innuendo! Regardless if he is a diva that is tough on coaches, or has entitlement issues is irrelevant! Truthfully, many quarterbacks, or star players are “Grade A Jerks”! None of that matters if you win! However, when you play poorly, and the team does not win, then innuendo, and such fodder become headlines.

The fact that it was god awful play that led to Hurts finally starting, a fall from grace that I have never seen in my 40 plus years of watching sports, and not an injury, is what made this a “B” movie, Hollywood script!