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Jamon Brown...I thought we cut that bum...Here is why he is back

Wait.....I thought we just cut Jamon Brown yesterday, now he is back?? What the heck is Howie doing!!!!

Let me tell you what Howie is doing. He is manipulating the roster rules. As I explained earlier 2020 brought on a whole new set of rules for rosters. One of those rules is the expanded day game roster. The NFL allows teams to expand beyond the regular 53 man roster on game day with the provision that one of the players is a 10th offensive lineman. Knowing Matt Pryor was coming off the Covid list and Lane Johnson will play banged up, the Eagles wanted as many lineman available as possible. With already having a short week the Eagles and no other Practice Squad lineman available, Brown was released, signed to the Practice Squad and elevated for game day. Now, do we want to see Brown on the field. Absolutely not. But let’s say Johnson can’t finish the game and shocker another lineman gets hurt? Driscoll is already out, do you want Jason Croom playing tackle. Of course not! So Brown is a last resort. He was terrible on Sunday, but right now he is healthy.

So no worries Eagles fans, Unless it is a dire emergency Brown isn’t playing. The Birds are just covering all the bases.

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