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Is Carson Wentz confidence the issue?

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off two straight division wins, and they are also in first place in the NFC East. In the Eagles last two victories, they have not played well, and in last Sunday night's win over the Cowboys, the Eagles defense kept the Cowboys offense out of the end zone and made them kick field goals the entire game. Carson Wentz and the Eagles offense continued to struggle in the win on Sunday night, and he has taken a lot of heat this season, but Doug Pederson said he is committed to Wentz.

This week the Eagles are going into a much-needed bye week, and that is usually the time that the players have to themselves, but Doug Pederson said that he is having the players practice during the bye week. In the win over Dallas, Wentz was 15/27 for 123 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions, and Jalen Hurts also got a few reps and threw for nine yards and no touchdowns. Carson Wentz also rushed for 17 yards but no touchdowns.

The Eagles running game was affected in the absence of Miles Sanders as Boston Scott carried the load against the Cowboys. Scott led the Eagles in rushing for 70 yards but no touchdowns, and Corey Clement was second-best in rushing for 24 yards. The Eagles did not have one rushing touchdown against the Cowboys from Scott or Clement on Sunday night.

Travis Fulgham led the Eagles in receiving for 78 yards and one touchdown. Jalen Reagor was second best for only 16 yards and one touchdown, but having him back was a factor against the Cowboys. Especially since there have been injuries to DeSean Jackson and Zach Ertz, the Eagles offense would need help in the passing game. On the offensive line, the Eagles have fought injuries with Lane Johnson, Jason Peters, and even Jason Kelce suffered an injury Sunday night, and they can not afford to lose Jason Kelce.

The Eagles have way too much talent to be having the issues they are having offensively, but the injuries have been the problem. When you think about the inconsistency of Carson Wentz and how he might not have the right attitude for Philadelphia, then I go back to all the injuries he has had, so I think he has a confidence problem. My theory is the injuries that go back to his second season in 2017, and that can kill a player's confidence, and he has had several quarterback coaches since the departure of John DeFilippo.

Carson Wentz came to the NFL out of North Dakota State, a very confident rookie and ready to compete with Sam Bradford for the starting job as soon as he was drafted in 2016. The city of Philadelphia has also been known to have a rough and passionate fan base, and maybe that has even bothered him when times have been tough. During the 2017 season, when Nick Foles won The Super Bowl for the Eagles, it was Wentz won the majority of the division games for the Eagles, and the Eagles offense was more explosive with Wentz.

Personally, this bye week could not have come at a better time for the Eagles, and it is an excellent time to correct mistakes. The Eagles are the NFC East division leaders, but they can't keep winning ugly, especially over the worst teams in the division. The Eagles are a good football team, and they can continue to get better, and they don't want to go to 3-5-1 because I'm pretty sure the last time they were 3-5-1 was back in 1933. The Eagles just need to take it one game at a time, and the Giants, no matter how bad they are, they are always going to be dangerous in Newark.

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