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Spencer Rattler to the Eagles? Why the Eagles Should Not Draft a QB in 2022

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The Eagles could possibly have 3 first round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. There were some uncertainties of the future of Jalen Hurts' future with the Eagles. Some people said he was not the franchise QB of the future and the Eagles should use their 3 first round picks to draft a QB in the 2022 NFL Draft. I am here to inform you if the Eagles decide to go down that road, that would be a giant mistake.

Lets start with the 2022 NFL Draft QB prospects. Is there any player that is worth the hype? There is a consensus group of QB's that keep getting top 10 talk. Liberty's Malik Willis, North Carolina's Sam Howell, and Oklahoma's Spencer Rattler are the consensus group. Not one of those QB's is worth the top overall pick. I know teams want to draft their future franchise QB. As of right now none of those guys are true future franchise QB's.

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Maybe one of those 3 can be franchise QB's. It truly is still too early to decide if any of them are future NFL franchise QB's. As of right now none of them are. Malik Willis has been putting up video game numbers, but watching film on him you see too many inconsistencies. I do not want a QB who is inconsistent leading my team (we do not need Carson 2.0.) Sam Howell is underperforming tremendously. Sam Howell was supposed to be the QB that had the most potential to dethrone the pre-season first pick favorite. Spencer Rattler was expected to continue with the Oklahoma QB dynasty and be the next elite talent. He has not lived up to expectations and does not look like he is a first round talent. Do you know which Oklahoma QB I am okay starting for the Eagles, Jalen Hurts.

When the Eagles continue the legacy of the QB factory next April, there is only 1 QB that would not have me 100% enraged (only about 99%), it would be Oklahoma's Spencer Rattler. That is only because I still hope some of that Oklahoma magic is in him, but we all know it is not. I totally get the high expectations for Rattler. The last 3 QB's before him were all legendary college players and are all now solid NFL talent. Rattler is not good. I am not the only one who notices it. Sooner fans are ready for the back-up to start getting reps. Typically when a player fully underperforms in college, they do not tend to be good NFL players.

If the Eagles do end up with 3 first round picks and we end up trading up. The Eagles should not be trading up for a QB. The big reason is, none of the QBs available are worth the pick. Usually when you draft a player in the 1st round, the expectations are he would be an upgrade at that position. No QB in this draft will be an upgrade to Jalen Hurts. I will be releasing another article soon on why the Eagles should use all 3 picks on defense. Drafting a QB would just make people hate Howie Roseman 100x more.

I am sure someone will spin my thoughts on this year's QB class saying that the Eagles still need to replace Jalen Hurts. There are just no prospects that are good replacements. I am here to tell you, that take is incorrect. The reason the Eagles should not draft another QB in 2022, is because we have our QB of the future. He brings an extra spark to a very bland offense. He can win the battle with his arm and his legs. Our offense has not been this exciting in a long time. He still has room to grow and we still need to fix holes in our offense, but with Jalen Hurts at the helm, we are in a good place.

Some people still have not seen how much of a spark Jalen brings to our offense. Just last season this is what our offense looked like. The Colt's QB spent more time on the ground then he did as the starter last season.

Now look at the spark that Jalen brings. The Colts' QB would have gotten sacked. This offense looks so much better than it did last year. New coaching and a new young QB help with that. Do you know who would not bring that spark and energy? Either Spencer Rattler, Sam Howell, or Malik Willis.

The Eagles have a very young offense. Young receivers in Jalen Reagor and DeVonta Smith are still developing and have high hopes of being solid NFL talent. I am sure it will not be good for a developing WR to keep having to build connections with a new QB each season. We have a young offensive core. Why not develop them all together and help create that winning culture back up again. It will be hard to build that culture when our offense looks different each season.

If you have the idea in your head that the Eagles will take their first round draft picks ,or find a way to use them to draft a QB, you need to get that out of your head right now. Jalen Hurts is the QB of the future of the Philadelphia Eagles. He is a very good QB and brings that spark to an offense that most players do not have. Even if Jalen needed to go, there is no QB that is an upgrade. I would rather wait Jalen out and see if he develops into the player I know he can be, then take a player that I know will not be better.

Jalen Hurts is better than every QB in the 2022 NFL Draft class. We would not be upgrading the position, and would hurt the rest of the team by passing on an elite defensive talent. Even when the Eagles miss the playoffs this year, Jalen Hurts is the QB of the future. Unless Hurts decides to start doing sit-ups in his driveway I do not think the Eagles need to worry with the idea or replacing Jalen soon. Let's rally behind this kid and lets help develop him and better the team. Use those 3 first round picks wisely and fix the other 100 holes on this team.


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