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Grading the Game: Week 9 vs LAC

By Chip Keagy, AATSN Co-Host

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Yes, the Eagles lost to the Chargers. What was different about this loss is that they were IN this game. It felt like watching actual football. It can't be said they only showed up for the 4th quarter after getting wrecked in the first three. The Chargers are a good football team and the Eagles went toe to toe with them for a full 60 minutes. Lets go to the gradebook!

Coaching Staff: B-

Even if the media claims that the identity of this football team is the running game, we all know that isn't true. The Philadelphia Eagles JUST recently realized that running the football allows Jalen Hurts to play his best football, the offensive line to dominate, and the team to click as a whole. Early on, Sirianni wasn't interested in running the ball, and when the offense wasn't able to be successful, he remembered what worked against Detroit and against the Raiders before Miles Sanders went down. I thought offensively, Sirianni called a really good game.

The same can't and will not be said about Jonathan Gannon's defense. It was putrid today. The lack of pressure on Herbert led him to an 84% completion rate and over 350 yards passing. Gannon called for soft coverage all day and Herbert (as good quarterbacks have done all season) picked this defense apart.

To end on a positive note, the Eagles got called for only 3 penalties and had no turnovers. Sirianni did his job today.

Quarterback: B

Jalen Hurts was asked to do a little more than he was last week. He finished with 65% completion percentage because he wasn't asked to do too much as a passer. He rushed for 62 yards and they were at exceptionally important times. Hurts looked very composed on his 4th quarter drive which leads to the leadership qualities we always discuss. He had a really terrible miss to Goedert early on but besides that was safe with the ball and methodical with his passes. His only other big knock was on the pass to Smith in the endzone that should've been UP so that Devonta could've had a chance at it.

Running Backs: A

Another week of commiting to the run game and the backs responded very well. Jordan Howard had a great day rushing the football. Gainwell was minimally used again (not a passing game so not much need for him) but he got into the endzone. Boston Scott had a really solid 4 yards per carry. These guys when they get their chances are taking full advantage of them. It will be interesting to see what happens when Miles Sanders comes back because he will be the feature back.

Wide Receivers: (Smith: A) (Everybody else: D)

Devonta Smith is really good at football. 5 catches for 116 yards and a TD. He was very difficult to cover today. Attacked the secondary, got really great YAC.

The only other WRs in the stat book were Watkins (2 catches 9 yards) and Reagor (1 catch for -6). The reason why Jalen Hurts keys on Devonta Smith is because he is the only WR that is getting open. Good football teams will shut down Smith (which has already happened this season) and SOMEBODY else will have to step up. Nobody else did today.

Tight Ends: B+

Dallas Goedert had 3 catches for 43 yards. He had really good YAC (especially when his shirt got ripped). Where this group gets the grade they did, is due to their involvement in the run game. Stoll and Jackson did a really good job sealing off the ends and allowing the running backs to succeed. I think this group did well but can always produce more.

Offensive Line: A

Another FANTASTIC game for the RUN BLOCKING offensive line. The PASS blocking offensive line wasn't as good. They only allowed 1 sack (which was really not a great one for Driscoll). Considering they were going against an exceptional pass rusher in Bosa, the OLINE did a nice job protecting Jalen (who is still jumpy in the pocket) and did a FANTASTIC job run blocking. The driving down the field is superb.

Defensive Line: C+

No sacks. Very little pressure on Herbert who was able to throw to whomever he wanted. The Dline did shut down the run game right up until the end of the game. The defense did have a few great stops on 4th down and they were primarily due to the Dline shutting things down. That is a big plus. A CONSTANT big negative is Derek Barnett got called for another stupid penalty. Its getting ridiculous. 4 costly penalties this season and 1 sack. Those aren't the numbers you want to see.

Linebackers: B-

Davion Taylor led the team in tackles. TJ Edwards was right there too. These two, now that they are getting some chances, are starting to flourish. Alex Singleton has been relegated to special teams. That is going to be something to watch.

This team got beat by TEs again. Jared Cook, Stephen Anderson, and Donald Parham each had at least 3 catches and 30 yards. Two of their TDs came from TEs and one of their XPs. At some point, the linebackers have to stop a TE.

Secondary: D

Soft coverage. QB had over 350 yards passing. Slay got beat a lot and Nelson was not great. Maddox got hurt which disrupted their game plan and then even further when Slay left the game. This is partially on the players but mostly on the DC.

Special Teams: B

Elliot was 1/1 and made each of his XPs. Siposs had 3 punts but one wasn't fantastic. Hightower had no business returning his one kick. Quez was a non factor in the kicking game. Special teams was not the reason why they lost.


Philly didn't force a single punt today. That's a problem. Herbert looked really good all day. That's a problem. But this team FOUGHT. Its starting to click a little bit. Going into some of these "winnable games" its nice to see that this team SHOULD be competing.

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