Grading the Game: Week 4 vs KC

By Chip Keagy, AATSN Co-Host

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The Eagles woke up this morning and had everybody doubting that they stood a chance in this game. Kansas City played in the Super Bowl last season and Philadelphia....well they did not. Two teams who had identical records going into the day but were on exceptionally different ends of the spectrum. The Eagles did indeed lose today to the Chiefs. Philly put a score in during garbage time to make it look even this close. Each group gets a grade. Time to crack open the teacher's manual:

Coaching Staff: D

This team is still on pace to shatter NFL records in penalties. This has been going on for weeks now and nothing changes. This team has abandoned the run game entirely, forcing their "rookie QB" to throw the ball 48x. This has been going on for weeks now and nothing changes. This defense is allowing an exceptional number of points each game. This has been going on for weeks and nothing changes. Certain players have been called for the same penalty on a weekly basis. This has been going on for weeks now and nothing changes.

One can make the enlargement that the Eagles did look better today. They did and that's why this grade isn't the same as last week. However, the mistakes and problems remain weekly. In order for this team to get better, Sirianni and company have GOT to hold themselves accountable.

Quarterback: B

Jalen Hurts had a pretty good game today. Threw for 387 and 2 TDs. A LOT of timing issues, especially with the RPOs that are supposed to be quick reads which then led to lineman down field. But Hurts protected the ball and led this team. Lots of things to work on but Hurts had a really good day today.

Running Backs: N/A

Second straight week, this group isn't receiving a grade. Miles Sanders went from 2 carries to 7. Kenny Gainwell got a whopping 3. This group is being criminally underused. They aren't being factored into this offense so they aren't getting a grade like the rest of their team.

Wide Receivers: C+

Another good game for Devonta Smith and another TD in garbage time for Greg Ward. Smith has got to work on his technique near the sideline and Jalen Reagor has to take the next step in his development. This group was good today BECAUSE of the numbers that Smith put up.