Fixing the Mess: How should the Eagles approach this Offseason

The Eagles are in free fall right now. They somehow sit top of the NFC East with a 3-6-1 record, but they likely end Week 12 out of the top spot with Washington and the Cowboys facing off on Thanksgiving, and with the Eagles' stretch over the last six games it is hard to imagine them regaining the top spot. With that, they will miss out on the playoffs and end with one of the franchises worst records in recent history. So, what will that mean for the future? I will address how I believe Jeff Lurie should handle the Eagles organisation this offseason, and yes, it will be full of changes.

The Front Office

Howie Roseman has to get fired; there is no other answer to this. He failed to address the receiver position in the offseason barring Jalen Reagor, his draft record has been atrocious, he has the Eagles in a terrible cap situation, and they are an ageing roster with no youth to replace older starters.

Starting with the salary cap situation heading into next season, they are $63.558 million over the salary cap meaning they are going to have to tear up the roster of its big stars. Although people view Howie as the 'cap wizard', this entire situation is his fault. The Eagles were well over the cap before COVID-19 regulations were implemented, and it is his poor roster management that has allowed this to happen. The Eagles roster is full of ageing veterans, and the likely outcome for next offseason is that there are plenty of moves across the roster to get them under the cap. Expect the new General Manager to shred the team of its highest earners to get under the cap before there is a lack of moves in free agency. They will have to accumulate large amounts of draft picks and pick up UDFA's to fill their roster and ensure they do not go back over the salary cap for next season. This Eagles team likely gets worse before it gets better, and Roseman is to blame for it.

One reason for the Eagles having such an ageing roster is due to terrible drafting and the heavy reliance of bringing in starters from free agency. Only seven of their draft picks across the last three years have started games consistently this season. Only Jalen Reagor has been trusted enough to start from this year's rookie class, and the 2019 draft class was a complete shambles outside of Miles Sanders. That says a lot about the Eagles scouting team and Roseman's ability to draft players, that they do not trust the younger draft picks to get a larger quantity of snaps especially when the roster is as bad as it is. The lack of success in recent drafts means that there is a lot more work to do to overturn the damage that has already been done and as mentioned above, things will have to get worse before they get better.

One of the most resounding quotes from the recent draft was Howie saying to Carson Wentz that: "If you let us draft Jalen [Hurts], we will surround you with weapons". That is another promise that has gone down the toilet. Roseman's response to this was to draft fifth and seventh-round receivers and trade for Marquise Goodwin. Goodwin's situation you can understand because of COVID-19, but putting faith into two late-round rookies to save your receiving corpse is ludicrous. John Hightower has shown promise with his speed but has struggled to track the ball and running routes. Then Quez Watkins has barely seen the field. So once again the Eagles General Manager has failed in another big promise.