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Eagles vs Giants Week 7 Preview

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This season has been bad. There is no denying it. Injuries have been on a critical level. In fact, the most coveted position on the Eagles for the past 3 years is the Injured Reserve list.

This might be based on the players Howie is drafting and signing. It could be based on the practice plan that Doug has put into place. We do not know. But something has to change...

Moving forward and onward. Eagles and Giants. This game is HUGE. Being in the NFC East means you are never out of the competition for a division title. I am not sure if that is a good thing because that means a 1-4-1 team is not interested in rebuilding. It keeps them as "buyers" at the trade deadline even though they really shouldn't be.

The Giants are exactly what they were advertised to be. A team with a young QB that has been playing pretty well. A team who lost their franchise player for the year and have had to try to pick up the pieces. A squad who their only win of the season was against an even worse "Football Team."

This is the DEFINITION of a winnable game. It is also the most "Must-Win" game of the year. The only way the Eagles are going to make the playoffs is by winning the NFC East. Going down 0-2 in the division would be catastrophic.

Do they get players back in DJax and Goedert and Lane and Alshon? Do they utilize the run game with sub-par running backs? Does Doug continue to try to make Carson into a pocket passer or does Wentz just take over and become the athlete is he supposed to be? Does the defense stop the Giants offense that ranks DEAD LAST in Yards per game and SECOND TO LAST in points per game? Does Nathan Gerry tackle anybody??

These are all questions that deserve answers and we will get some on Thursday night.


Eagles 27 Giants 13

This is a must win game. Carson throws 3 touchdown passes (2 to Fulgham) and the defense absolutely sits on Daniel Jones. If that happens, it will be an enjoyable game to watch. Otherwise, the word "rebuild" will be thrown around a lot more over the next 10 days.

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