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Eagles-Giants 1st Half Analysis

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Team looked exceptional on the first drive of the game. Ran a no huddle offense and just marched the ball down the field. Utilized Desean and made the Giants fall behind. Defense showed up on their first drive and forced a 3 and out.

AND THEN both teams settled in. Carson started holding the football too long, throwing off his back foot, forcing into tight windows, and getting his weekly INT. The OLine started leaking and letting in Giants to hit Wentz. The Defense couldn't reach the QB and the back 7 got exploited. Jake Elliot missed 29 yard field goal. Twenty. Nine. Yards.

The turnovers that the Eagles got were not capitalized on as well as they could be. Doug found something that was working in the no huddle and then abandoned it. Found that DJax was being successful and was almost forgotten about until the drive inside the 2 minute warning. Found Fulgham successful over the last few weeks and now he can't get open and can't catch when he is.

THIS IS NOT A GOOD GIANTS TEAM! The Eagles cannot cannot CANNOT let this team hang around. They need to come out in the 2nd half and force a 3-and-out. Then Carson has to lead the team to a touchdown.

Everybody needs to remember what works and then do it!.

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