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Donovan McNabb gives his take on Carson Wentz rumors

Eagles legend Donovan McNabb weighed in on the trade rumors surrounding Carson Wentz on the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports. McNabb believes the Eagles should move on from the star quarterback.

In the interview between McNabb and Gelb, McNabb expressed that he felt Howie Roseman should trade Wentz but is unsure if Roseman will pull the trigger. Here is the conversation below:

Gelb: “At this point, do you think it would be the best thing for Howie Roseman to trade Carson Wentz?”

McNabb: “Yes. But the problem is Howie is so tied to him, that his job pretty much is on the line for this. When people are questioning how he even still is working as the GM, when he lost his GM job with Chip Kelly, then they brought him back with Doug (Pederson). It helped him win the Super Bowl but you haven’t done nothing since. So the question is, you fired Doug but he still has his job?

“So Carson is tied to the hip with him. If they trade Carson, then that puts a little gasoline around Howie that something has to be done or you gotta get a great trade for Carson to help you out.”

The outcome on a possible trade seems to be hinging on what the Eagles could receive for Wentz. After the Rams traded 2 first round picks and QB Jared Goff for QB Matthew Stafford, speculation that the Eagles could receive either at least a second round pick or possibly a first round pick for Wentz has risen.

If Roseman is unable to receive that type of return for Wentz, than it seems unlikely he will deal him.

Wentz has not spoken publicly in over two months. This has assisted in driving Wentz's future with the franchise into deeper question. Various reports have stated that Wentz's relationship with the organization is in bad shape. His failure to speak has only made many believe that the reports are true.

McNabb commented on Wentz's relationship with the Eagles:

“Carson has no confidence in anybody in the organization to make the right decision for him because he feels everybody has turned their back on him. Well, that’s what usually happens when you don’t play well or people in the organization start talking.”

Gelb also asked McNabb for his take on the Eagles new coaching hire, Nick Sirianni, as well. Here was McNabb's reaction:

"Who is that? I was like, who is that? And then you look him up and he wasn't even the coordinator in Indianapolis. You ain't the coordinator unless you calling the plays!" McNabb joked. "Frank [Reich] calls the plays. To me, when I looked into it, it seemed like they were trying to re-invent the wheel of what they had with Frank in Philly, but they went to the closest thing to him."

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