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Did the Eagles quit in Dallas?

The Philadelphia Eagles lost to their most hated rival, the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, by a score of 37-17. At one time of the game, the Birds led the Cowboys 14-3 after a Desean Jackson touchdown, so throughout the first half, the Eagles had all the momentum until the Cowboys got into the game in the second quarter. The Cowboys dominated the rest of the game, and the Birds did not do themselves any favors with three turnovers and penalties also made it easy for the Cowboys to run away with the game.

On the day, Jalen Hurts was 21/39, 342 yards, and one touchdown, and he also led the Birds in rushing for 69 yards. Miles Sanders scored the Eagles only rushing touchdown and had 57 yards rushing on the day. Desean Jackson only had one reception, but he led the Eagles in receiving for 81 yards and one touchdown, and Miles Sanders had the most receptions for 27 yards but no touchdowns.

Head Coach Doug Pederson's play-calling has not been good all season, and I used to think it was solid, especially during the Super Bowl run, but a lot has changed. Since 2017 players have come and went due to salary cap and free agency, and that is when it all went downhill for Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson, and Howie Roseman. My opinion on the Carson Wentz situation is that he is missing former offensive coordinator Frank Reich. When you lose a coach that you spend a lot of time with, it will affect you, but Wentz probably won't be the Birds quarterback much longer.

I don't see how Doug Pederson can save his job from my perspective, but if he will be back next year, then major changes need to be made. Jeffery Lurie already hinted that he would make changes if the offense did not get better and it did not improve at all, so it is looking like a change will be made from higher up. Doug Pederson also has brought it on himself by not hiring an offensive coordinator for the 2020 season, and that was one of the biggest mistakes of his head coaching career. I always thought that he was the stubborn type not to give up play-calling duties even if a passionate fan base like the Eagles, and even when the Birds were winning, Pederson was always taking heat for something.

One change I am not making if I am Howie Roseman, even if Pederson is retained. I am not firing Jim Schwartz because the defense was why the Eagles won games or even stayed in games that they lost. He is also a well-respected coordinator around the league, and even if a new staff is coming, I am keeping him regardless of the heat he has taken. I think changes are coming on the team's offensive side, especially coaches from the Chip Kelly era, but maybe not quarterbacks coach Press Taylor because he has contributed to the coaching staff. The offensive line needs changes because they were mediocre at best due to all the injuries, but even at full strength, they were mediocre.

The Eagles have one more game next Sunday, and that will be at home against The Washington Football Team, and that will be a Sunday night primetime game at Lincoln Financial. Since being eliminated from post-season play from losing to the Cowboys on Sunday, the Eagles will want to play spoiler against Washington. Any hopes of Doug Pederson being retained, the Birds will need to win at home next Sunday night and build momentum for the Birds' 2021 season.

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