Daniel Jeremiah's Starting QB Ranking, Where is Carson Wentz Ranked?

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One of the biggest debates not just among Eagles fans but nationwide, should Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz be considered an elite quarterback in the National Football League? Some say he is and some say he isn't. NFL Network's Analyst Daniel Jeremiah gave his take n the on where he sees the starting quarterback rankings in the league by giving us his top 8 list. The question is, where did he have Carson Wentz?

Jeremiah would have the Eagles' gunslinger ranked 3rd in his QB rankings. He had this to say about Wentz....

"It’s not just a hat tip to my buddy (Dan) Orlovsky, this is legitimate. Carson Wentz, he goes at No. 3 on the list here. He’s somebody, again, I think we saw what he could do in that Super Bowl year before he got hurt. He was on his way to winning MVP. The physicality he plays the position with, his ability to be able to pull through tackles, his ability to be able to stand firm in the pocket. I thought last year with all the injuries and issues they had at the receiver position, I thought you saw Carson Wentz elevate everybody’s play. I think he’s in the MVP discussion this year."

To play spoiler, his top 8 list was the following:

8. Kyler Murray 

7. Aaron Rodgers

6. Matthew Stafford

5. Deshaun Watson

4. Lamar Jackson 

3. Carson Wentz