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Crowning the Phillies Greatest of All Time Tournament: Hitters Region

Hello Phillies fans! Welcome to the AATSports Greatest Phillie of All-Time Tournament. We are not just trying to find the greatest player, but the greatest person to ever represent the red pinstripes.

This 64-person bracket will feature 4 regions! We will crown the greatest hitter, the greatest pitcher, the greatest manager or coach, and finally wrap it up with team personnel!

Each day we will conclude one round of voting! You can vote in two different ways! If you are reading this article, you can vote in the poll below! Or follow Adam Mack or AATSports on Twitter and vote in our twitter poll!

Hitters Region Bracket

Round of 64-Hitters

Mike Schmidt vs Rhys Hoskins

  • 1- Mike Schmidt

  • 16- Rhys Hoskins

John Kruk vs Garry Maddox

  • 8- John Kruk

  • 9- Garry Maddox

Bryce Harper vs Jim Thome

  • 4-Bryce Harper

  • 13- Jim Thome

Dick Allen vs Greg Luzinski

  • 5- Dick Allen

  • 12- Greg Luzinski

Jimmy Rollins vs Bobby Abreu

  • 3- Jimmy Rollins

  • 14- Bobby Abrey

Ryan Howard vs. Chase Utley

  • 6- Ryan Howard

  • 11- Chase Utley

Darren Daulton vs. Bob Boone

  • 7- Darren Daulton

  • 10- Bob Boone

Richie Ashburn vs Mickey Morandini

  • 2- Richie Ashburn

  • 15- Mickey Morandini

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