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College Football Week 4 Recap: Notre Dame Deserves Respect, is Clemson done or Finished? CS Top 10

It's so interesting watching a college football season play out. Each week you get a clearer and clearer picture of who the great teams, who may be a fringe contender, and who may just never figure it out. So let's get right into it as we figure out the game of the week, the biggest winners, losers, and CS Top 10 after 4 weeks.

Game of the Week: Clemson 21 NC State 27

There really wasn't a clear cut great game of the week. But I have to give the nod to this double OT game that gave Clemson their first ACC loss (not counting Notre Dame) since they lost to Nathan Peterman and the Pitt Panthers. Clemson has massive issues but credit to NC State who can make a claim as a contender to teh ACC title. That conference is wide open.


  1. Cincinnati: You're definitely thinking "wait, Cincinnati didn't play. How can they be the biggest winner?" Great question, allow me to explain. The perfect situation for them this year was to beat Indiana on the road and then beat an undefeated Notre Dame in South Bend. On Saturday they make the trek to Notre Dame Stadium. If they win this game and go undefeated you cannot keep them out of the CFP. Huge game as both teams have their playoff hopes on the line. This is what makes college football great.

  2. Arkansas: This team is good. They did not just beat up on a bad Texas team. They went out and dominated A&M for 4 quarters on a neutral site. Very impressive win. Now they have a huge measuring stick game Saturday against Georgia.

  3. Notre Dame: I did not see this coming. Granted, the score was a little inflated because of two pick sixes late in the game but a 28 point win is a 28 point win. The defense looked good (Wisconsin's offense may just be horrific too). To win that game with a third string LT and third string QB is impressive. Huge showdown coming Saturday


  1. Clemson is an absolute mess. It's amazing how much Etienne and Lawrence mattered for that team. With the star rankings of their recruiting classes it is unfathomable that they can be this dreadful on offense. This season is a wash for them but if they don't start to look like Clemson again next year Dabo Swinney may be in trouble.

  2. Wisconsin: Their offense is an abomination. Graham Mertz might be the worst 5 star quarterback ever. I mean good lord how do you only have one TD pass this season. The hell of it is that, they have a Big Ten championship defense with an FCS offense. All of that being said, I would not be surprised in the slightest if they beat Michigan on Saturday.

  3. North Carolina: They looked like they might have bounced back from the Virginia Tech loss after 118 points in two games. Then to go out and lose by 23 to Georgia Tech? What a fall for Mac Brown and Sam Howell after such a promising year a season ago.

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for: the CS Top 10

  1. Georgia

  2. Alabama

  3. Oregon

  4. Iowa

  5. Cincinnati

  6. Penn State

  7. Notre Dame

  8. Arkansas

  9. Oklahoma

  10. Florida

Embrace debate.

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