Carson Wentz: This Has Happened Before

As seen in AATBird's own John Ulecka's article we know that Carson Wentz is not the first veteran quarterback to struggle through the the first 8 games in a season.

What is also true is that Wentz is not the first veteran quarterback to have a prolonged slump at any point during a season. In fact many franchise quarterbacks have had similar if not worse slumps during a season.

Wentz poor 2020 season should not make Eagles fans panic or demand that there needs to be a change at quarterback. While some fans may not like it the best course or action is to let Wentz work through his slump.

It is not the time to waive the white flag and pretend this is the quarterback Wentz will be for the rest of his career. The only way for Wentz to get better is to keep playing.

Recent Quarterback Slumps:

Mitchell Lee/Getty Images

Carson Wentz (2020)


Season: 5

Games: 8

W-L: 3-4-1

Patrick Smith/Getty Images Cam Newton (2016)