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Adam's Bold Predictions for the 2021 NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is a few short days away, and it is time to unveil my bold predictions. I have a lovely reputation for going for some crazy and bold statements and getting ripped for them. So guess what I am going to do. I am going to gather 5 of my boldest statements. I am willing to bet that all these things probably will not happen, but oh well.

Please remember, this is supposed to be fun. When you disagree with me entirely, do not hate. Just enjoy the fun!

Denver replaces Drew Lock

I am going to start one off with a BIG one. Drew Lock has not done anything to prove he is the long term starter in Denver. Unfortunately for him, there are 5 QB's who could be drafted in the 1st round. The Broncos are under the direction of new GM George Paton, and he could look to make a move early in his tenure. They have a QB who has not proven his starting role and an opportunity to get a much better QB without trading up, you have to take the risk.

The Eagles trade back into the 1st round and draft a WR

This is an Eagles site, so I have to bring a bold prediction about the Eagles into the conversation. At the moment, the Eagles have the most draft picks with 11. If Howie is serious about this draft, he will use our capital and get the player he wants. There is a long list of players on the Eagles radar at 37. If they feel a WR like Rashod Bateman or Terrece Marshall Jr will not be available at 37, then Howie needs to trade up.

Jaelan Phillips is the first EDGE rusher off the board

There are some major injury concern with Phillips from his time at UCLA. People aren't thrilled with him because he retired while at UCLA over injuries. However, if you look at the Jaelan Phillips from Miami, you will see the best EDGE rusher in this draft. When you combine his speed, athleticism, and size you easily have the best EDGE in this class. The EDGE rushing class is are all very similar skill wise. There is not a real clear top player, and honestly any one of them can be the first taken. I expect a team to take the risk on Phillips and have him be the first EDGE off the board.

New England trades down in the 1st round

Everyone is saying that the Patriots are going to trade up to guarantee they take their QB of the future. Are people forgetting who is making the decision? Bill Belichick is still making the pick ,and he always has something up his sleeve. It would be such a Patriot and Bill move to trade back and still get the player they want. Maybe they won't even draft a QB in the first. Maybe they are super high on a QB they can get in the 6th round. Never question Belichick's logic and just appreciate greatness.

DeVonta Smith is not one of the first 3 WR's drafted

Of all my crazy picks, this may be the one that causes a bounty to be out on my head. People like to assume that since Smith won the Heisman trophy, that he is an instant All-Pro receiver. Smith is almost guaranteed to be at least the 3rd receiver off the board behind Ja'Marr Chase and Jaylen Waddle. However, his underwhelming size is causing him to fall in my rankings. Rashod Bateman is the 2nd best receiver in this draft. You will not find a better route runner and a more fearless player in this draft. There is always one big surprise who falls, and this year it is the Heisman Trophy winner from Alabama. I expect a team to recognize that Bateman is the superior player and takes him even with Smith on the board.


If you want to discuss my bold claims, follow me on Twitter (@AAmack1234) and we can discuss my crazy logic. Happy draft week!


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