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All About The Birds NFL Pick Em': Week 11!

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Check picks below!

*Note: We incorrectly counted the Eagles Tie with the Bengels in week 3 as a loss. The records have been updated to reflect the tie*

Ulecka Locks - Week 11!

Jeff (14-16 overall; Last week 1-2)

-Titans +6.5 over Ravens -Dolphins -3.5 Over Broncos -Packers +1.5 Over Colts

Johnny (14-15-1 overall; Last week 0-3)

-Chargers -9.5 over Jets

-Patriots -2.5 over Texans

-Titans +6.5 over Ravens

Phil (11-19 overall; Last week 0-3)

-Jets +8.5 over Chargers

-Dolphins -3.5 over Broncos

-Football Team -1.5 over Bengals

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