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Adam Schefter believes Carson Wentz will likely be traded

Photo By Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Cason Wentz trade rumors are heating up. We have seen a few reports that Carson Wentz wants out of Philly over the past few weeks. Wentz's silence has only increased the speculation that he will be gone this offseason.

Adam Schefter joined John Kincade, Bob Cooney, and Jamie Lynch on The John Kincade Show on 97.5 The Fanatic this morning. Schefter gave his thoughts on the Wentz situation.

KINCADE: It does! It tells me that the leader of the franchise, the guy who is supposed to be the face of the franchise, somehow is disconnected from the franchise.

SCHEFTER: And wants to leave the franchise. Okay? And that’s why the trade still is in play. And, again, people wondering where did this stuff come from at the end of the year. Was it made [up]? This is all real. None of this is made up. And just because he would like to be moved or hasn’t commented doesn’t mean he will be. If I had to guess, I would guess he is traded. That would be my guess. At some point this offseason. But, again, they’re not looking to get rid of him. They’re not.

Schefter is a very good source on the subject and would not just be giving a hot take.

Wentz's silence on the situation says all you need to know. He is unhappy with the Eagles. He has not made an effort to deny that or take opportunities to space himself from all of the noise.

Head Coach Nick Sirianni refused to say Wentz was the starter going into 2021 and neither he, Jeffrey Lurie, or Howie Roseman have promised he would be back.

The reports and trade rumors surrounding Wentz do not seem to be going away anytime soon.

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