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AATBirds' NFL Pick 'Em: Week 5

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Things are starting to get interesting in the NFL now that we're seeing some positive COVID tests. Last week Jeff had a pretty good week and went 12-3. He's currently in the lead with an overall record of 44-19. Johnny and Phil both went 10-5 to leave them 3 and 5 games down from the top spot.

Ulecka Locks - Week 5!

Jeff (5-7 overall)

- Cardinals -7 over Jets

- Texans -5 over Jaguars

- Falcons -1.5 over Panthers

Johnny (7-5 overall)

- Broncos +8 over Patriots

- Eagles +7 over Steelers

- Cardinals -7 over Jets

Phil (6-6 overall)

- Seahawks -7 over Vikings

- Eagles +7 over Steelers

- Browns +1.5 over Colts

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