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AATBirds' NFL Pick 'Em: Week 4

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HELLO Week 4! After three weeks Jeff has maintained his slight lead over Johnny. All three guys went 10-6 last week. Who knows what this week will bring with how crazy the NFL has been. Maybe Phil can come back from being down by three! See the rest of their selections below!

Ulecka Locks-Week 4!

Jeff (4-5 overall)

- Bears +3 Over Colts

- Cardinals -4 Over Panthers

- Seahawks -7 Over Dolphins

Johnny (5-4 overall)

-Falcons +7.5 Over Packers

-Saints -4 Over Lions

-Colts -2.5 Over Bears

Phil (4-5 overall)

- Lions +4 Over Saints

- Eagles +7 Over 49ers

- Packers -5 Over Falcons

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