AATB Writers Give Thanks For The Eagles

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There is no denying this has been an exceptionally rough season. The team is 3-6-1 and will lose control over first place in the NFC East this afternoon. It is hard to find positives on this team in 2020. So the writing staff of the All About The Birds brand decided to reflect on what they are most thankful for with this organization. There have been good times and each of us has fallen in love with The Birds for our own personal reasons. This is what we are most appreciative of.

Phil Stiefel (@Beardaknowledge):

"I am most thankful for the memories I had with my father growing up watching football and developing my Philly Sports love and passion. He passed when I was 18 but in those 18 years he taught me everything about being a fan. It was sad to not have him watch a Super Bowl win with us, but if it wasn't for him, maybe I do not cry like a baby when they won 52."

Scotty Pierre (@ScottyDrowned):

"First of all, Happy Thanksgiving Eagle’s fans! The thing I’d say I’m most thankful for in regards to being a Bird’s fan is all the fellow dedicated, passionate Eagles fans I have encountered. We are the best and most loyal fanbase in sports and it shows amongst our fanbase! This season isn’t what we expected or wanted, but I will never regret becoming an Eagles fan because everything feels better after an Eagles W on Sundays. Let’s go fry those Seahawks up like turkey on Thanksgiving!"

Kenneth Mykel Smith (@Eagles4thDown):

"Watching the Birds win their first Superbowl with my family members, instantly brought back endless hours of entertainment, sitting on the couch as a child, cheering for the good and crying about the bad. I immediately cried, thinking about how many years my grandpa invested into the Eagles and didn’t live long enough to see them win. It was then, that I realized how our personal connections with the Eagles are tightly woven with those closest to us and transcend lifetimes. As an Eagles fan, I’m thankful for what Eagles football has brought to my family."

Max Derringer (@max_dfl):

"This season has been a disaster but that doesn’t mean we can’t be thankful for something. What I'm thankful for this season as an Eagles fan is that the team will now be forced to make changes to the team this coming offseason that should have been done a long time ago. The Eagles will have to make changes to a stale offense which should be good news for upcoming seasons. The “new normal” era will be over and the Eagles will have to build towards a new era. Hopefully that means more enjoyable seasons than this current one. Other than that I’m thankful for all the players and their work in bettering their communities and all the fans that do the same."

Johnny Ulecka (@Johnnyu9322):

"What I am thankful for as an Eagles fan is of course the Super Bowl victory but the fact that every year the team has a shot. The owner puts the team's success over making a dollar. 2020 has been a hectic all around and Eagles are not excluded from the chaos. Let's face it: they will be back at the top because that's the kind of organization that Lurie runs."