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A Wide Open NFC: What it means for the Eagles

If you have been listening to us on the All About the Birds Podcast, you know I have been saying for months (if not since prior to the season starting, that the NFC is not as strong as it once was. There is not one single team that is hands down the alpha dog. Every top team has strengths but those same teams have some glaring weaknesses. I am here to take a brief look at those teams and outline reasons why the Eagles, once they make the playoffs, have just as good a shot as any other team to make a run at the Super Bowl.

Arizona Cardinals: 5-3

The Cardinals are lead by young quarterback Kyler Murray. They have flashed some major firepower. They have also flashed some weaknesses. As thrilling as a Murray TD scamper is, there is issues on offense. A running game that has no clear cut number 1. Kenyon Drake was a fantasy stud prior to the season but has been splitting time (prior to his injury) with Chase Edmonds. DeAndre Hopkins has just as many games (4) with 100+ yards receiving as he does under 75 yards receiving. And the defense has shown a knack of not being able to stop teams. The losses to the Lions, Dolphins, and Panthers show there is a blueprint to victory.

New Orleans Saints: 6-2

Drew Brees has shown some significant drop off in his arm strength this season. While they are 6-2, only 2 of their 6 wins have been by more than a TD. Their losses (Raiders and Packers) showed if you pressure Brees enough, you can slow that offense down. Most will say that a returning Michael Thomas will make a major difference, and we will see there. But without Thomas their offense was a one trick pony of Alvin Kamara running the ball and Alvin Kamara Catching the ball.

Green Bay Packers: 6-2

The Packers are the toughest to figure out. At 6-2, they have not played bad, and they have faced injuries on the line, WR, and at RB. Like the Saints once healthy they can be scary. But pressure Rodgers and the mistakes can mount quickly. Take Devonte Adams and Aaron Jones out of the equation and they can be beat. Their defense gives up points (28 or more 4 times).

Seattle Seahawks: 6-2

Russell Wilson was (and still is) a leading MVP candidate. But the last three weeks show that their are cracks in the armor. Two losses in the last three games (Bills and Cardinals) have people questioning their dominance. Again injuries are a recurring theme like with many teams. The defense is not the legion of Boom we remember and are giving points and yards up at an alarming rate (27 or more points on 5 occasions).

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 6-3

Tom Brady, like Drew Brees, has shown signs of age catching up to him. Father time does that with everyone. There have been moments of brilliance this season but the loss this past week to the Saints, shows some real issues. Whether its coach Bruce Arians questioning Brady's targets or who will be the leading rusher, there are more questions than answers. Their defense has allowed over 30 points three times already. And the loss to the Bears seems worse and worse every time you see the Bears play other teams.

So all I am saying Eagles fans is RELAX. We have issues on our team obviously. We are not winning 10 or 12 games this season. But a division win means a home playoff game. Not one of these teams will be interested in facing the Eagles in January at the cold Linc. We are getting healthy at the right time and that gives us time to gain some momentum and build some chemistry as a team. use promo code "AATBIRDS" for 20% OFF your order on the best CBD products around use promo code "BEARDAKNOWLEDGE" for 10% OFF your next order of Beard Products (Have a cool beard just like me!!!!)

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