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Wentz....Watcha doin back there.....

As weird as 2020 has been. What is just as weird to me is what is going on with Wentz. I believe he is a franchise QB. He is talented and posses the skills to be a franchise QB. He is highly intelligent, make no mistake about that. He also has football flaws, he has never been deadly accurate, I don’t think he ever will be either. You can live with that but how much as this point. What is making it worse is his mechanics seems off. Is it his back, is it his leg. Is it that he went back to old habits from not having an off-season? Is it coaching? Is he just stubborn or is he pressing? All legitimate questions.

Since there is absolutely no way for me to know about his physical health it is tough for me to comment on the back and knee. If it is physical, he needs to reprogram how he plays and that can be almost impossible to do. Let’s hope it is not that issue.

Have you heard a coach or commentator say the QB is bouncing in the pocket? Well, Carson isn’t bouncing right now. He isn’t balanced his base is too wide and his shoulders are flaring. The flaring shoulder is from wide hips. He needs to get that under control. He has had this problem before, the problem here is the guy who really corrected this issue isn’t here anymore. No not Frank Reich, but John Difilippo. Flip rode Carson to be his best and I truly believe he was good for him. He could correct Carson’s mistakes. He was the proverbial “Bad Cop” who rode Carson’s ass and ego to make him better. Flip to me is that missing person in the room. Press Taylor just can’t stand up to 11 the way Flip did. Next is Is Carson stubborn? Oh you bet he is stubborn. This is 100% factual, now what does he do with it is the question. Is it “I have been doing it this way and I will make it work” stubborn. Or, “I am going to fix this no matter what it takes” stubborn. It sure better be the latter. Is he pressing? I think too this is a lot of the issues. Carson has always won. High school and College, he never lost. You can go through those years and never lose just because of the programs you are in. The NFL isn’t like that, even the best lose 30% -35% of the time. In year 5 we still don’t know with Carson if he can handle carrying the team without pressing. Let’s look back.

2016 Rookie year, nothing to lose. Great start leveled off but the future looked promising.

2017- They didn’t get behind, they just didn’t Carson never had to press. He was always in the lead, Flip had him in the right state of mind and mechanics were at his best and his body wasn’t beat up until week 14, coincidentally right when the pressure would have been building as we moved to the top of the NFC. Now, not his fault he was hurt and wasn’t there at the biggest pressure point of 2017. It is just a spot we haven’t seen in him yet. Pointing to the obvious I don’t think you will ever see Carson play better, he was dialed in physically and mentally with Flip guiding him. We just don’t know what the end result would have been if he stayed healthy.

2018 - He was hurt. No question in my mind. The leg lead to the back and it threw him off. I will throw that season out.

2019- The Eagles won the division after a bad start. Was Carson trying to do too much early on? He looked great dropping dimes to D-Jax week one.....Then drops and injuries took over. Carson again looked lost for a little bit. The embarrassing Cowboys game in Dallas. Where was he?? Finally late 2019 down the wire, he carries the team of practice squad player to a division title. He again didn’t get to finish that journey thanks a cheap shot in the playoffs.

So here we are, 2020 what is going on with Carson? The final quarter of 19 gave us visions of a patient QB ready to leave his franchise to another run at a division title. All looked good 14-18 2 TD’s 179 yards going as we are heading into ..........boom the wheels have fallen off. So here we are after a home date with Cincinnati the 2020 gauntlet begins San Francisco, Pittsburgh & Baltimore. the words of a familiar voice of the past......Times Yours.....

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Copyright: 2019 Corey Perrine

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