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Week one disappointments around the NFL

Week one got off to an interesting start with one overtime game, and teams that I expected to really impress this season started the first week

with a loss. What did not disappoint me was seeing all the fans in the stands, and I hope that we continue to hear the crowd noises. I will list below what disappointed me the most in week one and some things that stood out to me.

Green Bay Packers- The Packers lost to the New Orleans Saints 38-3 and the Jameis Winston that I saw Sunday was not Tampa Bay Jameis. Winston was 14/20 for 148 yards and 5 touchdowns, and Aaron Rodgers was 15/28, 133 yards and no touchdowns at all and he threw 2 interceptions. Honestly, it seems like that all the drama that the Packers and Aaron Rodgers had in the offseason might have made its way to the football field.

Tennessee Titans- On Sunday it just seemed like the Titans were not there physically and emotionally, but they also took on a revamped Cardinals team. Ryan Tannehill was 21/35 for 212 yards and one touchdown and Kyler Murray was 21/32 for 289 yards and four touchdowns.

Indianapolis Colts- Carson Wentz has just returned from an injury again, but he is reunited with his mentor Frank Reich. However, they did play a good Seahawks team at home and Wentz was 25/38, 251 yards, and two touchdowns. I just expected the chemistry to be there like John DeFilippo was his quarterback's coach, but I guess I expected too much from this.

Buffalo Bills- I expected the Bills to be lights out against the Steelers, but it seems like if you beat them the year before then they get you the next year. Josh Allen was 30/51, 270 yards, and one touchdown, but he also had two costly fumbles and lost only one. If the Bills can bounce back on the road at Miami, then they can save not just their AFC East Championship hopes, but their season. They don't want to start off 0-2, that is a momentum killer.

One we all expected just like every year, but the Jacksonville Jaguars were just embarrassed against the Texans and I picked them to win in Houston. Trevor Lawrence was 28/51, 332 yards, and three touchdowns and he threw three interceptions. This is something that we expect every year from the Jaguars, but they do have young talent and I'm not saying that Urban Meyer is not doing a good job, but I think that he is used to doing things his way at the college level.

It is a very long season and we are just exiting week one of the 2021 season, but we just have to see how this season goes. I am expecting a very exciting season and I think could also be crazy.

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