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Time to Kill! Kill! the Kill! Kill!??

Even when fans were in the stands, the proverbial KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL! Could be heard. 5-6 times a drive Carson crossing his hands over his chest and changing the play. We all know how smart Carson is, but is he too smart for his own good. I will be very up front with my point of view. I am a fan of Carson, I believe he has the physical ability to be a franchise quarterback. What I question is his coachability.

We all know someone who is very smart and they don’t listen to anyone. They do it their way. I wonder if this is Carson. It is interesting how the game looks different again when he is not under center. More simplistic more running. Why is this? I touch on a possibility.

When Chip Kelly was coach (man I couldn’t stand him so this pains me) he took the audible out of the playbook. Yup, an NFL QB was not allowed to check out of a play. I remember thinking how absurd that concept was, all QB’s can check out of a play! Well, apparently that is not the case. You ran the play Chip called. Well, maybe Doug should take a page out of old Chipper’s playbook.

First, for arguments sake we will assume Carson is back like the reports said yesterday. So maybe to get him back on track. Doug needs to cross his arms over his chest and yell KILL! KILL! and take the audible away from Carson . Make him run the offense the way Doug wants it run. My best analogy is Doug asks the team to do a simple man problem. Carson comes to the line of scrimmage and has everyone doing it like Common Core math and just gets everyones head scratching. Stop making it anymore that what it is ...sometimes 2+2 is just 4 and that is all we need. We don’t need any more and the answer is that simple. My final thought on the subject. When the Eagles go uptempo, Carson doesn’t check out, he just runs the plays to keep the tempo up...Just a thought! What do you think? Go Birds!

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